Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Question of caste

Boredom led me to IRC on Sunday afternoon, after a long absence due to the fact that IRC is boring.

The topic of discussion was Surti girls and guys are the best looking. Excusing the vapidness of the topic, I really dont understand why people still care about this Surti, Memon, Urdu thing. We don't live in India anymore and in the end of the day we are all Muslims. I accept the cultures and languages are different but do we really need more reasons for us not to get along.

The point that really annoys me is that each 'caste' thinks they are better than the others and that inter-marrying is discouraged. One of my cousins whose been married twice, told us once we shouldnt get married to Memons or Surtees or whatever else there is. I wish I get married to one, just to prove a point, because far as I'm concerned this is just ignorance and discrimination.

I just hope this discrimination and ignorance will not be passed down to our future generations. We are all Muslims in the end of the day, why cant we just get along?

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bibi-aisha said...

The way i c it,its like sayin overport,roshnee,lenz,woteva ppl shud only marry ppl frm their towns.cos thats all it was-geographical location.besides for memons and cockneys,there are no cultural diffs.oh,n then theres the urdu/gujerati-indian/malay thing.i do tink times hav changd tho n most young ppl dnt confine themselves 2this unislamic,narrow viewpoint.

M Junaid said...


I feel you man - the only motivating factor that should have any part in a partner choosing scenario should be cup size, and not some stupid thing our forefathers left us (like caste)

as for surtee guys being good looking - i knwo some good looking surtee peeps, and i know some fucking ugly looking surtee peeps, so that point holds no water. same with any other caste ( although i know a know a really hot Urdu speaking chick ;)

Down with the caste !

qdee said...

i totally get that. im like a masala mix of everything...and i constantly feel boxed in by these things. none of us really go around speaking memon or surthi or urdu. now its become a crutch instead of an opportunity for learning about each other. but on the whole, we'd still be segregated if there was no memon surthi, urdu debate - due to money. ok im babbling. basically, this segregation serves a function to people in lil towns as bibi said, but with all the influences we're absorbing, boundaries like that only divide, at a time when ppl need to come together.

Dew said...

its so dumb. And its so dumb that people still do it. And its so dumb that people (like my parents) taught to keep clarifying that I'm not 'that' Urdu speaking, I'm the other type so that at the end even I was confused.

It's all so dumb.

sorry, my vocab is just letting me down today.

Waseem said...

I havent been responding to comments cos at first I was just excited I was actually getting comments and I was doubtful people were gonna return to actually read the responses, but after seeing everyone responding to comments and the fact that thankfull well supported I think its time I did.

Bb - True its actually more of a geographic thing but people have made into a caste thing but im happy you think that our younger generation is moving past it.

MJ - I know good looking girls from all 'castes' but if only they knew me. People are just ignorant in that way. Abt the cup size I thought it was a guy secret

qd - lol @ mixed masala, I think if you look at it we all are at some level. and you werent babbling :)

dew - Its good to know your language and culture and being different is not a bad thing. Dumb is the perfect word :)

queen_Lestat said...

I also find it hard to believe that people still give a shit about stuff from India. There are cultural/minor differences IN INDIA(eg harvest festivals or certain wedding customs, and other leftover bits from centuries ago when all Indians were Hindu or Buddhist, but yeah it's all geographical). Not here, we're pretty homogenized in SA under the banner of Muslim. We have an SA Muslim Indian culture I guess so I don't see how it all matters anyways.

Waseem said...

QL - I guess as they say birds of a feather flock together, but it also seems the colour and texture of the feather matter

Dreamlife said...

divisions like this are sad, especially since we're all South Africans.

i mean, a friend from Australia was saying how they have these kind of issues with Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi...which is not right, but thats still different countries.

We're all from the same place, yet we have differences - or let minor differences be this big.

Its such an artificial thing, really. Never mind culture or parts of India, race shouldn't even be an issue, because in Islam there is no superiority based on race - the only distinguishing factor is piety.

Anyway, the way to break out of all this is to try to distance yourself from talk of these divisions yourself. If you break out of the cycle, insha-Allah your kids won't grow up in a household that was so aware of these artificial matters.

AK said...

My fathers side is Gujarati speaking, my mothers side is Urdu speaking, my granny is malay, and my grandfather was Indian, so wat caste and sect am I?

Forget that apartheid system of socialism and think bout this rainbow nation we live in...and yea m_junaid, the booty is the real treasure we seek :)