Friday, 13 April 2007

Top 5 cheesiest movie lines

Inspired By MJs list of Disney animated villians, Ive decided to come out with my own list of the top 5 cheesiest movie lines I've ever had the misfortune to cringe at.

5. 'You had me at hello' - Jerry Maguire. Yet Renee Zellweger still insists on Tom Cruise embarassing himself.

4. 'I've always been standing in your doorway' - Spiderman 2. Ya, I'm sure he believes that since you ran away from your wedding to another man and also dated his best friend.

3. 'Im the king of the world' - Titanic. Something about this line just makes me want to boot Leonardo Dicaprio over the rails.

2. 'Ditto' - Ghost. Patrick Swayze pours his heart out to Demi Moore and all she can come up with is Ditto.

1. 'I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.' - Notting Hill. Need I say more, you can grate the cheese of Julia Roberts head.

Till next time in Waseem World


M Junaid said...

cheesiest line ever

i live my life a quarter mile at a time

!Joe! said...

This is a cool post! I think you hit the nail on the head with these five, hehehe. Especially Julia Robert's line! She had that "I'm so saying a line" look on her face. One of my most hated lines is Julia Ormond in Legends of the Fall, when she tells Brad "I'll wait for you forever" and then marries his brother in his absence. And then she has the nerve of telling him on his return "Forever is a long time." Cow. :)

qdee said...

lol ;)
well indian movies are all cheese and no hint of tomato, but i'd have to say that in salam-e-ishq, that last scene, where shannon esra tells the taxi guy 'mebhi tumse pyaar kartiho' makes me cringe everytime.

Zahira said...

you come from the zoo...
you look a monkey...
and you act like one tooo!!!!
have a brill day

Waseem said...

MJ - I think Julia Roberts still wins it, il give you number 5 with that line, just cos i liked Jerry maguire and didnt particularly enjoy Fast and Furious

Joe - ur post made me laugh :), thanks for that

Qd- hindid movies dont even factor here, else they would be numbers 1 - 100 lol

Zahira - Thanks :), for everything

SingleGuy said... the post I wrote on

Something very similar

queen_Lestat said...

I refuse to watch Fast and Furious...but my GOD...

If that line is from there as MJ quotes...jislaaik...someone throw in a box of boiled macaroni into that. Furthermore, it says a lot about the drag racing fraternity's err mental prowess.

(happy belated birthday :))

Anonymous said...

HAHA, o my soul, thats some funny shit.. laughin myself sick at work, this may get me fired... YAY???