Wednesday, 30 May 2007

5 great movies you have (probably) never seen

Over the last few months I have watched quite a few disappointing movies, movies that have done well in the box office i.e. watched by the masses. The only exceptions have been The Departed and 300, if you haven't watched these 2 movies, you should add them as well on your must watch movie list. So I have compiled a list (in no specific order and with help from of movies I have watched that either have not been well received or faded without a trace.

1.Dark City
How I got watch the movie: Hamza and I went to the movies and the movie looked interesting, we were a bit skeptical but it was good decision in the end.
Plot Summary: John Murdoch awakens alone in a strange hotel to find that he has lost his memory and is wanted for a series of brutal and bizarre murders.
Why you have to watch it: An original dark sci-fi movie, similar to The Matrix, but with its own unique reality-distorting views.

2. Running Scared
How I got to watch the movie: Hamza mentioned the movie to me, so i hired the movie despite the fact that Paul Walker(Fast and Furious :() is in the star cast.
Plot Summary: After a drug-op gone bad, Joey Gazelle is put in charge of disposing the gun that shot a dirty cop. But things goes wrong for Joey after the neighbor kid stole the gun and used it to shoot his abusive father. Now Joey has to find the kid and the gun before the police and the mob find them first.
Why you have to watch it: The way the plot unfolds, a great story and surprisingly good acting.

3. Memento
How I got to watch the movie: Channel hopping through DSTV one day revealed this gem of a movie
Plot Summary: The film tells the story of Leonard Shelby: a man who lost his short term memory in an assault where his wife was raped and murdered; now he's looking for the killer, despite his handicap. Simple as that. You don't need to know anymore.
Why you have to watch it: Incredibly unique story, amazingly well told. Probably the best of the 5 movies I'm telling you about.

4. Impostor
How I got to watch the movie: Channel hopping through DSTV again, who says DSTV isn't worth the money. (Well it isn't most of the time)
Plot Summary: An engineer creates the ultimate weapon in a battle against aliens, only to be suspected as an alien himself.
Why you have to watch it: The unique story again, the entire movie is one big guessing game.

5. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
How I got to watch the movie: I wanted to watch this movie when it was released on circuit but nobody else did, so i hired the dvd when I got the chance
Plot Summary: A murder mystery brings together a private eye, a struggling actress, and a thief masquerading as an actor
Why you have to watch it: The incredibly witty and dark humor. Here's one of the quotes from the movie ... Harmony:'Well, for starters, she's been fucked more times than she's had a hot meal.' Harry: 'Yeah, I heard about that. It was neck-and-neck and then she skipped lunch.'

Remember these next time you in the video store and looking for something to watch. If you have any of your own, please share them so I may be equally less perplexed next time I go out to hire a movie.

Till next time in Waseem world


queen_Lestat said...

I watched Dark City, and Memento, the other 3 are on the "waiting for anz to send me the dvd" list.

Memento ranks as one of my favourites.Another movie which I liked and not many others watched/liked was Being John Malkovich.

OOO this movie you gotta see,it's extremely docu-style if that's your thing, In This World. Very Interesting, you'll never diss and Indian or Pakistani or any immigrant again after you've seen it.

safiyyamk said...

never watch... LADY IN THE WATER .... and BRIDGE TO TRIBITHIA.... completely crapy!!

!Joe! said...

i watched memento and kiss kiss bang bang :D i loved both, but my pa couldn't keep up with either, especially with memento :) kiss kiss bang bang was hilarious and had an amazing cast...i love robert downey fave bit is early on when harry pretends to audition:) and the bit where harry and perry argue with Dexter's employee over the ambiguity of "picture a bullet in your head" :D
movie you need to see: "you can't stop the murders" :D i laughed my arse off. and "the chumscrubber" was weird and distant...this is a strange choice, but "white chicks" made me laugh :D i also liked lemony snickett's a series of unfortunate events...:)never watch shaun of the dead; it's so overrated...and don't watch simply irresistable with sarah michelle gellar...what a piece of junk. :)

Shiraz said...

Bridge to Terabithia was a results of listening to and being trapped by the trailer - the guys that made that trailer should be shot.

AK said...

OMF u can say dat again Shiraz.
The trailer was totally misleading...those deceiving bastards.