Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Blogger scenarios

I was thinking of ideas of future blogger meets and maybe some possible scenarios that might occur.

Blogger Ice skating - The girls show off their amazing balance and poise but all the guys end up in a mass pile up in the center of the rink. No injuries are incurred but I am stretchered off to nurse my bruised ego.

Blogger Paintball - The guys and girls showdown in an epic battle but Saffiya infiltrates the guys camp in disguise and picks us off one by one.

Blogger Horse riding - Mazozo challenges everyone to a horse race which results in alot of sore behinds.

Blogger Cricket - Zahira catches the winning 6 in the crowd, and Hashim Amla offers to sign the ball for her. Instead she writes her blog URL on the ball and hands it back to him.

Blogger Gokarting - Dew shrugs off her sweet girl tag to tie for first with Joe who drives with unprecedented aggression. They arm-wrestle to decide the winner

Blogger Khatham(Muslim gathering) - MJ delivers powerful lecture after the Moulana(Muslim Priest) falls ill due to too many chanamugaj(Indian Sweetmeat)

Any other possible ideas or scenarios are welcome

Till next time in Waseem World


Zahira said...

lol those scenarios are so us lol
Blogger Braai: after Moh's hard work and planing only Acid turns up...the rest of the bloggers meet at some distant land and watch Arsh burn the food....Turns into an awesome night lol

Blogger Scenerio 2 - the braai: all bloggers meet on the beach for a braai...jhb bloggers find out...set of to dbn to kill the fckers who keep having more fun then them lol

sorry jhb guys we love you lots lots mwah

Shiraz said...

Ok these are extremely funny.

I wonder what that powerful lecture will be on?
Paintball sounds like fun.

Ok I don't know ppl well enough yet to know what they'll do.

But Blogger Bungee Swing: You fill it in Waseem. But I'm jumping that time dammit.
Blogger Mini Golf - c'mon fill it in.

r said...

Blogger Adventure Golf: r with an amazing display of athleticism, hits a hole in one. on a completely different hole on th next course. Mazozo laughs so hard he falls into th water display, drenching himself. arshad cannot control his hysteria which irritates Mazozo who proceeds, with th help of acid, to throw arshad into th pond as well. cue dbn blogger water fight.

qdee said...

blogger picnic: Q has brought lil tuna sandwiches, milktarts and icecream for beach picnic...and then...tsunami!! waseem runs towards the sea..r runs to save her shoes...joe thinks 'oh gawd - i really dont do water in public' dew runs to pick up seashells and mj...sits there, engrossed in a burger.

mazozo said...

Blogger Bungee Jumping- Everyone pitches up and Safi goes fist only to find she's so tall she gets dipped in the water head first. A very wet safi challenges a very timid dew to go next which she does all the while screaming her lung out proving she's not so quiet. Mj watches in a mix of intrepid horror and happiness!After dew comes back she proceeds to attempt to pitch mj over the side. Mazozo duelly steps in to save his ass only to be tackled by a very determined R. Meanwhile Zoe an Waseem share a chuckle at the scene before them. Cue huge mock Blog fight as Qdee shakes her head at such sensless non sense!

The K-man said...

When the KMAN FINALLY COMES DOWN TO DURBAN!!!!!!!!!! I hope there is a cool blogger scenario.


lol@zahira i wont kill you guys lol hehe but you guys do have more fun than us :(

!Joe! said...

oh my gawd you are so funny!!!:D:D:D
i love the blogger khatham :)it's true,mj would deliver a powerful lecture...:) wow, you know me well! i would drive with aggression, fo sho...Dew wins arm wrestle due to her extensive taebo experience...
Q: LOL!:D:D:D I don't do water in public, hehehe...picking up shells is so Dew! but...what are you doing when this is happening?
Here's mine:
Blogger Karaoke: the bloggers divide into teams of 3. Suddenly, Robbie's "She's Madonna" comes on, Joe squeals in delight, and takes the mic. MJ and Q take their positions next to her, and all give a powerful rendition of the song. The other bloggers realise they can't win, especially with songs like "Said i loved you but i lied," "ignition" and "it wasn't me" on their lists. Zoe gets upset because she is assigned "Islands in the stream" and no one wants to be the Kenny to her Dolly. R wants to switch toni braxton's "breathe again" for an Evanescence number, but the supervisor says no. Waseem refuses to sing Coleske's "my only" for obvious reasons...
Eventually, Q belts out Christina's "Hurt," and Keane's "somewhere only we know," MJ does Rob's "kids" and Mika's "Grace Kelly", and Joe sings Rob's "Angels" which prompts an emotional mass sing-along from the audience, thus sealing the victory of the melodious triumvirate...:)

Waseem said...

zahira - like the scenarios, esp. the first one lol

shiraz - Mazozo and R already filled them in better than i could have

R - Water fight :D, sounds fun

Qdee - lol that sounds like fun. Yum ...milktart

Mazozo - I can just picture that scene, good one

Kman - Thanks for visiting man, you give another good idea Blogger Wrestling :D

Joe - Didnt know Dew did taibo o_O lol. Karaoke might not be such a bad idea as long as people are brave enough to go thru with it and its not the dumb one at gateway. Dye my hair blonde but what is the obvious reason for not singing that song?

Dew said...

LOL this is hilarious!

Jow, you left me out! I do a good rendition of my heart will go from Titanic!lol.

I miss you guys



Love and all

Oh MAz I loved your version the vest lol! and Kman you'd be awesome. Waseem Of course I do Taebo...didn't you see my muscly arms? I put all the boys too shame;P

Dew said...

As one can rushing, sorry for the bad spelling.LOl Q I so would pick the seashells but first I'd look to see if Joe was safe.

M Junaid said...

Ok - first off - MJ will suck equally at Blogger ice skating - and no, it is not gay to hold some guys hand during skating so that you dont fall on your ass.

I will rule at paintball! twelve years of FPS's will come in handy

Blogger horse riding! i tried Horse Riding - hurts my nuts - i'l stick to blogger quad biking

Go Karting - thatl be fun :)

As for the Blogger Khatam - yeah - i can picture it :P

Q knows how much MJ loves his food
i like blogger adventure golf
Maz - mj has bunjie'd a few times - but hey - i'l play along ;)

Joe - there's no way i'm singing those fucking songs - mj will sing a combination of three doors down and zain bhika :)word up to your mazhab

safiyyamk said...

lol oh my god.... yeah paintball im up for that!

this was tooo good...

i cant think of anything

KerBear said...


Zahira said...

Kman we can't wait for you to come down lol

queen_Lestat said...

a blogger khatam...W>>>T>>>F???
LOL!!! I was crashing at that thought. khatam literally means to finish sooo hmmm...we'll be clicking next blog tab til we've read everyone's blogs?

!Joe! said...

Revised blogger karaoke: the bloggers divide into boys and girls. The girls sing Robbie's "angels" and Natasha Bedingfield's "i wanna have your babies." The audience screams for more, but the boys take over the mic, and begin singing Boys2men's End of the Road and Down on bended knee. When an old lady faints in a frenzied state, Dew thinks fast and picks the mic up. She takes a deep breath, and begins to sing My Heart Will Go On, Celine-style, hair blowing in the air-conditioned wind...Dew's ability to reach high piercing notes wakes the old lady up and brings the house down, thus sealing the victory of the girl bloggers... (that was for Dew).

r said...
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r said...

omg i cant stop laughing!! Dbn bloggers are dangerous man.. o_O
when's dew coming back cos i finish exams on the 14th and i have a whole semesters worth of PARTY TIME to make up for in 6 WEEKS! who's with me?

mazozo said...

Lol im with u on that one grin so lets get everyone together agen

bibi-aisha said...

Oh vicariously thru imagination.hehe. Wot will the scenarios be if jhb and dbn bloggers hav a combined meet? unity or age old feud? go on waseem,use that imagination

t.a.z. said...

i think i might just stay and not rush off to my 'spiderman sleepover' next time!!!
ice skating ice skating ice skating. :-)

Dew said...

14 june R:)

Thanks Joe

SingleGuy said...

This is so fucked up....when are the cape town bloggers gonna have this kinda thing?