Monday, 7 May 2007

Comicbook Canon

I will admit to being a comic book fanboy in my younger days, perhaps facilitated by my love for reading as well as the cartoon series of Xmen and Spiderman on TV. Buying comics used to be a treat and I treasured each comic that I bought (which I have since given away sadly). Therefore the event of a third Spiderman movie filled me with alot of excitement. I wont say alot about the movie because I'm sure alot of people are yet to watch the movie, but from the perspective of a 'fanboy', the movie was disappointing. Too much deviation from the comic universe, too much drama and alot of unneccesary moments a good editor would have deleted in my opinion. The action sequences and special effects were a marvel(pun intended) which made it worth watching in the IMAX.

In recent times we have seen a spate of comicbook movies, most of them mediocre at best and some just plain terrible. The makers seem to want to sell the movies on the name alone, with blatant disregard for the superhero comic universe. Anyway heres a list of the 5 best superhero movies in my opinion.

5. Batman Begins - DCs best offering since their foray into movies as well as the best Batman

4. Fantastic 4 - Stayed true to comic book universe, and Jessica Alba is hot :)

3. Xmen 1- Xmen has a huge character universe and there was no way they would satisfy everyone, but the first one came closest to achieving this.

2. Spiderman 2 - Doc Ock is considered the best Villian in the Spidey universe and well portrayed in the movie.

1. Spiderman 1 - This is probably the movie that comes closest to its comicbook counterpart, aside from the fact the girl dies in the end, but I guess some kiddies cant take that.

So as I have revealed my inner geek, allow me to reveal my inner-superhero:

Your results:
You are Spider-Man

Green Lantern
Iron Man
The Flash
Wonder Woman
You are intelligent, witty,
a bit geeky and have great
power and responsibility.

Click here to take the "Which Superhero are you?" quiz...

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M Junaid said...

didnt watch spidey 3 - was going to today - but i decided to spend my afternoon admiring this irritated 'kala' (aunty) scream at some kids..

ok - i'm kidding - i spent it uploading the honours website - yeas - im a geek too

as for your your top five - hmm - i'd say

1. x men 2 - fucken rocked!

2. Blade 2

3. tie between V for vendetta and superman 2

4. dare devil
5. Fantastic four

worst super hero movies

the hulk
batman and robin
hell boy

KerBear said...

im wonder woman...loved this chicky growing up.

Delon said...

Hey, wow, you should have contributed this to a movie review blog...

!Joe! said...

I loved the hulk!!!:( Can you believe Edward Norton is gonna play the hulk in the next one? How strange is that...i think he'll just redo his Primal Fear role :)
hmmm, fantastic 4 was a bit...hmm..thin on dialogue...chris evans was cool though. i also love christian bale in batman begins...and spiderman2 was a really good sequel. I also loved Batman Forever :)

Dew said...

I was wonder woman....At least 2 things of hers I defenitely do not have!

I loved comics. Superman and X men were so so awesome.

I'd have loved to be Poisen Ivy though. My ultimate bad ass super villianess.

!Joe! said...

oooh poison ivy :) however she was way cooler in the comics...uma thurman was like an overgrown kid in her halloween costume. :)
I took the test. Somewhere in this universe lies my lex luthor :D yeah i'm superman. i think i met my nemesis already....

Skrpion said...

Spiderman 3 - The Musical was a sad, sad movie. I have to say watching this movie in IMAX with all the hype that surrounded it was a pretty good experience but the story was weak. Will still make millions tho, and I'm sure most ppl will love it.

Batman Begins is probably the best superhero movie lately. Christian Bale was the best Batman yet. Hope the Superman, Batman movie happens, as well as the Justice League.

Nadz said...

I heard also from alot of people the movie was some what of a dissapointment but ill have to see for myself.

KerBear said...

Kerbear awaits a new entry :)

Zahira said...

hmmm you my kinda guy i love comic books even owned some of the original first i can't find them :'(
o well i seriously think xmen2 was way better then the first...though they didnt stick to the comics but that was expected...
blade was good so was V and batman begins...which makes you wonder how on earth you watched the original batman movies though i heve to say Pfieffer was hot as Catwoman...
Ultimately i love Rouge and Gambit so you know were my heart lies o and i cant wait for TMNT

Waseem said...

MJ - The geek shall inherit the earth. Didnt like Daredevil, forgot about the blades. Hulk wasnt that bad. Would punisher not feature in the worst?

Kerbear - wonder woman movie was supposed to made, not sure about that. Post coming soon as i find some inspiration :)

Joe - The hulk was good, I also thought, bit dramaish but cool. Edward norton is one of my favorite actors, as Hulk im not so sure. Whos your nemesis?

Dew - mine is Mr Sinister from XMen. I know theres another villians test maybe that can be my next post. Hmm what are the two things? Somehow I dont think you talking about the invisible jet

Skrpion - Spiderman sells the name, and is the biggest box-office movie ever.

nadz - dont listen to other people, judge for yourself

Zahira - First issues wow, you should find them, they probably worth something now. Gambit is my favorite X man but they didnt have him in the movies and Rogue was nothing like her comic character

Dew said...

the two things I was referring to was long hair and a whip.

What were you thinking?

I still want chocolate

!Joe! said...

hey you it was so cool meeting you!!!finally!!!:D hope we can all meet up again...i know i spoke too much, as usual :D oh well, i had brownie and fudge ice-cream :) mmm, good stuff:)btw my nemesis is this bad bad person i thought was a friend and turned out to be the worst person i have ever met...:( Grrr, i hope that person is getting his/her just desserts wherever they are...

queen_Lestat said...

I got Spiderman too on the quiz :P