Friday, 4 May 2007

The laments of a single guy

A Single guys excuse

This was a long but funny read.

Disclaimer: The opinions in the linked essay do not reflect those of Waseem himself.

I personally feel that being single isn't a curse or because there is something wrong with you. If you find the right person and want to commit to that person thats good for you, you don't need to be going through life looking for someone. I think you have more of a chance finding something if you're not looking for it.

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Anonymous said...

Being single is a blessing in disguise my friend. Don't go through life searching for 'The One'

Zahira said...

single single single lol
i dont have an opinion :)
i'm single lol and i'm loving it!!!

!Joe! said...

true, not everyone wants a girlfriend or boyfriend at this time of their lives. obviously it is nice to have someone special, but being single assists in personal growth that will equip you for any future relationships you may have. Tha maturity singledom gives you will strengthen you. i also think looking for someone is a futile and frustrating task. people just need to relax, another person does not make you who you are and they definitely do not hand you happiness on a plate.

r said...

LoL! that was hysterical. im single too. and i dont mind in the least *insert big green mxit grin*

i agree with anon. the more people search, the more dispirited they become when they dont find The One. unless of course you're over 40 and still single. then maybe you should start worrying a lil.

bibi-aisha said...

Totally agree.Sadly,i kno a good few ppl who cant survive without being in a relatnshp.

KerBear said...

You came into this world alone and you will leave alone. So make sure that you are comfortable with being YOU without anyone else.
Love happens when you least expect it.

Nadz said...

Yeah being single is fun and living your life your way.Everyone's time does come.