Monday, 14 May 2007

Bowling for ice-cream

Do you remember your childhood dreams of what you wanted to be when you grew up? My dream was to be a famous author, I even wrote a couple of stories on rough pieces of paper, not for publishing or anything, just for my own sense of fulfillment. As i got older I realised I doubted I had what it took to actually become an author, so my interest declined. Sometimes the odd book would make me itch to want to try writig again, but everytime I started I gave up again due to believing my ideas were crap.

My apprehension to starting a blog was due to the fact I didnt really know what to expect, except maybe an outlet to my dormant writer. I never expected blogging as a way to make good friends, as a way to meet new people and be as fun as it is. Thanks everyone for an awesome night of bowling and ice-cream. It was amazing to see the meld of different characters and hope we all get to meet again soon.

On a separate note, my cousin Hamza, after some cohersion on my part, has started a blog also. Good luck to him, I hope he has as much fun as I do.

Till next time in Waseem world


Delon said...

Thanks for the invite. How does one get to be invited to such events? Which club of exclusivity do I have to get membership to?

I too wanted to become a writer, "The Adventures of Static Man and Chronic Backpain man" still lies dormant in my soul.

Zahira said...

was awesome meeting up hey but i never get my icecream :(

KerBear said...

When i was younger i wanted to become loads of things. Some of which i am glad that i didnt pursue. But i still dinno what i wanna be when i'm all growed up!!

!Joe! said...

:) waseem you got that writer's touch...will email you soon, my email don't wanna open up!!!GRRRRRRRR!!!And I still need to download the song...I AM A COW! other than that, we need to start that book!!!:D

taqdeer said...

hehe, sounds like you all had a great time bowling :)

As for writing, all people have a different and need when buying a book. If yout intuition made you want to write from an early age, you MUST have something good to offer :)

Never give up on your dreams
(or ice cream) :P

Kronic_Paranoia said...

Hmmm interesting, what is this 'I am a cow'song. I shall now scour cyber space in my quest to attain this holy grail. I am a cow song YOU SHALL BE MINE! As for me growing up i never really wanted to become anything(its called being lazy)
Ten attributes of a lazy person -
1. Unable to complete a given task.

safiyyamk said...

was good meeting u waseem... thanks for coming...

Nadz said...

I used to want to be a teacher or a counselor,Now i work at the university and do some marking and think,thank the heavens i never became a teacher.I cant handle the big donkeys how will i handle the little ones.

Waseem said...

delon - rule 1 is dont talk about blogger club. great book idea, maybe you can make it into a graphic novel

zahira - aw sorry, next time

kerbear - neither do i, but as long as you pursue something you'll figure it out along the way

joe - :), its ok and since you like cows so much I assume you mean it as a good thing lol. I changed my link name to your site.

taqdeer - Thanks for visiting my site and the encouragement. I guess I just need to believe in myself more. It was a great time maybe if you are ever in durban we can have something similar

KP - The song is lifehouse- good enough, that would make it easier to find.

Saf - thanks and you also, thanks for inviting me :)

r said...

"the dormant writer within".. Oooh i kno all abt her! sweet post, loved th way u linked it all up =)

spotlessmind-tainted said...


its been so long since i saw a blog, so feel very special right about now. I wanted to become many things and i still dont know what i want to become, and screw it too :P i dont need to know either. One day at a time. Studying for knowledge, the rest, i have faith, will work itself out.


PS: Sorry for being scarce (: