Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Tag Im it 2:

If I had to choose 8 things that a stranger doesn't know about me or the 8 things that my closest friends don't know about me, they would be 2 quite different lists. On the other hand why would I share something my closest friends don't know about me on a blog of all places. So my 8 things will be 8 random things that come to mind while I am doing this list (nothing too personal), hopefully with some humor value.

1. I am getting quite good at the graffiti wall on facebook, my drawings are a bit cartoonish and I haven't reached the level of some people I have seen but I am impressed with myself. I used to believe I wasn't creative or artistic.

2. From Standard 5 to (I think) Standard 6 I was a paperboy. Not the most glorious of professions or glorious of times in my life. In fact I wasn't even paid for being a paperboy, because when we (my brother was my co-paperboy - he ran different streets) collected the money and gave it to that collector guy (Rajen) he said we were short on the paper money so we never used to get paid. I don't ever remember getting paid but I used to deliver the papers rain or shine, I would like to go back in time and slap myself for my stupidity.

3. I also worked a part time job in the butchery while in school. Also not the most glamorous of professions but at least I got paid this time (not very much but oh well). Hamza, Shiraz, Aadil and I were coworkers and we had alot of fun most of the time. We often dined on Yan-Yan, Hello Panda and Chupa-chups.

4. I was the mastermind behind Operation Poke-Najeeba-with-a-thorn. I shared the blame even though the operation was carried out by Hamza. One of my many entries into the black book (at primary school). Najeeba, if you are reading this ... I'm sorry.

5. I have enacted 3 plays to date, none of which I am willing to share on this blog. The embarrassment I experienced in actually acting in them was enough.

6. I don't like seafood, yes even prawns, and especially that fish curry that my Mamee makes. I only remember enjoying seafood once, the day before I got my results for matric, when I ate grilled garlic butter prawns by Althaaf's house. I think his aunt made.

7. I once had a 2Pac cassette that Akbar made for me, I used to listen to it all the time back in Standard 5. It was my gangsta rap phase that I got over quite fast. I think the cassette was stolen.

8. I was debadged (I was a prefect) in Standard 3 for fighting. I was supposed to set an example. I didn't. Mrs. S.D. Krishendutt never liked me anyway and she debadged me the next year again (My academic ability got me reinstated) for not doing homework and my desk always being in disarray. Mrs. Krishendutt ... if you are reading this, I hated you too.

And so the tag must pass on ... look on your right ... if your name is under the ever great links consider yourself tagged (if you haven't already done it of course). If you are not linked and you want to do the tag, go for it.

*EDIT* - I was told my method of tagging so I tag Shiraz and Hamza. If you are linked or you want to do the tag anyway, go for it, I won't hold it against you :).

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Monday, 18 June 2007

Once the fad permeates...

Back in tech, a friend and I used to deconstruct lyrics of songs trying to understand what the artists were trying to say, and i don't mean what 'milkshake' Kelis is talking about or what in Gods name Destiny's Child meant by 'Girl I didnt know you could get down like that' (*shudder*). We deconstructed the lyrics of songs like Matchbox20 - Disease and Puddle of Mudd's Blurry (those are the ones that come to mind). It was alot like poetry line-by-line analysis we used to do back in school. Taking your meaning from the lyrics, molding it to your own purpose. That is what music is all about. In my opinion.

So to kick off this feature I am going to deconstruct a current favorite of mine, Chevelle - The Fad from the Vena Sera album. I'm only going to do a few lines or this post is going to carry on for forever and a day. Hopefully I will be able to show the gist of the song, or what I believe it to be.

Once the fad permeates
Notice he says 'permeates', so he's not talking about the inception of the fad, hes talking about when it seeps into society, when the masses join the bandwagon of 'the fad'. Nowadays people follow fads because they want to be accepted.

Its hip to care
He uses the word 'hip', I believe, to show that what you believe is cool, it isn't really. Like the older generation use the word 'hip' to fit in with the younger generation, but fail due to the outdated nature of the word. 'Its hip to care' is saying you believe it's cool to fit in to the fad, to join the masses.

Its hip to hate it
The hip metaphor continues but this time he says even to have an opinion of the fad itself is feeding the fad, because as they say any publicity is good publicity.

The message I get from the song is to be your own person, don't fall into the trap of peer pressure or wanting to fit in. Form your own opinions on things rather than following the masses or an elitist group. It's all well and good to have solidarity but if you don't believe what you're fighting for, or have your own fact-based opinion on 'your' cause, then you are, I am sorry to say, nothing but a mindless sheep. (Cue angry barrage of hate comments)

I saw this when I was checking up on the lyrics. ' "The Fad" addresses the rampant consumerism and artifice the artist saw in Vegas' - (from the band website). The meaning may be slightly different to what I had in mind but this just illustrates my point of taking your own meaning of the lyrics and molding it to your own purpose. If anyone else has heard the song and disagrees with my view or want to add in their own meaning, feel free to do so.

Chevelle - The Fad lyrics

Till next time in Waseem world

Monday, 4 June 2007

Where life and words collide...

On arriving back from the awesome bloggers night, my brother Shiraz decided to start a blog of his own. It took him about a month to be happy with the design and put out a post but I'm sure you will see his design is awesome, probably one of the best looking blogs I've seen. So it was probably worth the time and effort he put into the design. I hope he can complement the amazing look with good writing, I'm sure he can.

One of the girls I work with, got engaged on Saturday, she had been expecting it but her fiance made her wait it out. He surprised her by taking her to a restaurant and saying he was going to meet a work friend, when they got to the restaurant they had candles on the floor spelling 'Marry Me' and he got down on one knee etc. Who says romance is dead, though this is the first romantic proposal I have heard of. I was thinking of, if I had the resources (and the girl), the kind of proposal I would make. A helicopter ride to a mountain top with a guy playing the violin and a table set for two. Haha like thats ever going to happen, I hope my future wife doesnt read this or she is going to expect some over-the-top romantic gesture. I'm a romantic realist I suppose in that regard, romance has its time and place as well as its limitations.

In Soviet Russia, the question pops YOU!!!

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