Monday, 18 June 2007

Once the fad permeates...

Back in tech, a friend and I used to deconstruct lyrics of songs trying to understand what the artists were trying to say, and i don't mean what 'milkshake' Kelis is talking about or what in Gods name Destiny's Child meant by 'Girl I didnt know you could get down like that' (*shudder*). We deconstructed the lyrics of songs like Matchbox20 - Disease and Puddle of Mudd's Blurry (those are the ones that come to mind). It was alot like poetry line-by-line analysis we used to do back in school. Taking your meaning from the lyrics, molding it to your own purpose. That is what music is all about. In my opinion.

So to kick off this feature I am going to deconstruct a current favorite of mine, Chevelle - The Fad from the Vena Sera album. I'm only going to do a few lines or this post is going to carry on for forever and a day. Hopefully I will be able to show the gist of the song, or what I believe it to be.

Once the fad permeates
Notice he says 'permeates', so he's not talking about the inception of the fad, hes talking about when it seeps into society, when the masses join the bandwagon of 'the fad'. Nowadays people follow fads because they want to be accepted.

Its hip to care
He uses the word 'hip', I believe, to show that what you believe is cool, it isn't really. Like the older generation use the word 'hip' to fit in with the younger generation, but fail due to the outdated nature of the word. 'Its hip to care' is saying you believe it's cool to fit in to the fad, to join the masses.

Its hip to hate it
The hip metaphor continues but this time he says even to have an opinion of the fad itself is feeding the fad, because as they say any publicity is good publicity.

The message I get from the song is to be your own person, don't fall into the trap of peer pressure or wanting to fit in. Form your own opinions on things rather than following the masses or an elitist group. It's all well and good to have solidarity but if you don't believe what you're fighting for, or have your own fact-based opinion on 'your' cause, then you are, I am sorry to say, nothing but a mindless sheep. (Cue angry barrage of hate comments)

I saw this when I was checking up on the lyrics. ' "The Fad" addresses the rampant consumerism and artifice the artist saw in Vegas' - (from the band website). The meaning may be slightly different to what I had in mind but this just illustrates my point of taking your own meaning of the lyrics and molding it to your own purpose. If anyone else has heard the song and disagrees with my view or want to add in their own meaning, feel free to do so.

Chevelle - The Fad lyrics

Till next time in Waseem world


Kronic_Paranoia said...

I prefer well enough alone,
and believe this song is about consumerism.
Regarding fads well,lets leave it well enough alone.

queen_Lestat said...


Lacan and Leotard would be so proud :)

KerBear said...

WOW impressive! Its a lot like poetry, reminds me of school.

Anonymous said...

Well, with those three lines relivent, how would you try explain the Music video, or do you think that the band has a whole side meaning?