Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Tag Im it 2:

If I had to choose 8 things that a stranger doesn't know about me or the 8 things that my closest friends don't know about me, they would be 2 quite different lists. On the other hand why would I share something my closest friends don't know about me on a blog of all places. So my 8 things will be 8 random things that come to mind while I am doing this list (nothing too personal), hopefully with some humor value.

1. I am getting quite good at the graffiti wall on facebook, my drawings are a bit cartoonish and I haven't reached the level of some people I have seen but I am impressed with myself. I used to believe I wasn't creative or artistic.

2. From Standard 5 to (I think) Standard 6 I was a paperboy. Not the most glorious of professions or glorious of times in my life. In fact I wasn't even paid for being a paperboy, because when we (my brother was my co-paperboy - he ran different streets) collected the money and gave it to that collector guy (Rajen) he said we were short on the paper money so we never used to get paid. I don't ever remember getting paid but I used to deliver the papers rain or shine, I would like to go back in time and slap myself for my stupidity.

3. I also worked a part time job in the butchery while in school. Also not the most glamorous of professions but at least I got paid this time (not very much but oh well). Hamza, Shiraz, Aadil and I were coworkers and we had alot of fun most of the time. We often dined on Yan-Yan, Hello Panda and Chupa-chups.

4. I was the mastermind behind Operation Poke-Najeeba-with-a-thorn. I shared the blame even though the operation was carried out by Hamza. One of my many entries into the black book (at primary school). Najeeba, if you are reading this ... I'm sorry.

5. I have enacted 3 plays to date, none of which I am willing to share on this blog. The embarrassment I experienced in actually acting in them was enough.

6. I don't like seafood, yes even prawns, and especially that fish curry that my Mamee makes. I only remember enjoying seafood once, the day before I got my results for matric, when I ate grilled garlic butter prawns by Althaaf's house. I think his aunt made.

7. I once had a 2Pac cassette that Akbar made for me, I used to listen to it all the time back in Standard 5. It was my gangsta rap phase that I got over quite fast. I think the cassette was stolen.

8. I was debadged (I was a prefect) in Standard 3 for fighting. I was supposed to set an example. I didn't. Mrs. S.D. Krishendutt never liked me anyway and she debadged me the next year again (My academic ability got me reinstated) for not doing homework and my desk always being in disarray. Mrs. Krishendutt ... if you are reading this, I hated you too.

And so the tag must pass on ... look on your right ... if your name is under the ever great links consider yourself tagged (if you haven't already done it of course). If you are not linked and you want to do the tag, go for it.

*EDIT* - I was told my method of tagging so I tag Shiraz and Hamza. If you are linked or you want to do the tag anyway, go for it, I won't hold it against you :).

Till next time in Waseem world


Kronic_Paranoia said...

Hmmm rain or shine... I seem to recall some sunday times thrown by side of your house
I know one of the plays...should I shouldn't I, I go for should even though you can delete my post
Mary had a little lamb...I wonder whose fleece was white as snow and then there was the taking shortcuts
and you sorry, man every time I see Najeeba I'm reminded of that incident
and find myself wondering if she must be thinking there goes the boy that stabbed my ass with a thorn WTF!

The King of Scotland said...

HAHAHA-at least it was a thorn. these days kids stab a chick in her bedunkadunk and then it's all maintenance and custody rights.

one of my goals is to appear on dance 360. i dunno why i shared that. maybe it's those tiny yellow pills.
at school, i once grabbed a chick's boob. another random comment.

mazozo said...

WOW An NAjeeba is cool with you guys now?or will this be an evil for all of time

Shiraz said...

Rain or shine - ya rite!!! I also recall the many newspapers thrown away to avoid delivery - for those of you reading this, that are still wondering what happened to your newspapers - Waseem tossed them.

Waseem said...

KP - why did you have to mary and a little lamb me. Im surprised you remember about the papers given your poor memory. Im sure Najeeba forgives you, I remember the time we met her at the bus-stop she talked to you so nicely.

King of Scotland - Lol @ your random comments. I have no idea what Dance 360 is. That gives new meaning to facebook pokes. Im getting some pseudo-action then at least.

Maz - Yeah she is, she talks to us like normal, she started going out with my best friend afterwards and we used to get along fine. We go way back for her to hate us over a small thing like poking her ass with a thorn but man did she cry.

Shiraz - The brilliant part of it was I told the people the papers werent delivered that day and they believed me. Serves Rajen right for exploiting us that bastard

KerBear said...

i am right with u ther on number 6 - hate seafood

queen_Lestat said...

rofl @ KP.

sis...don't be mean to the ever great one.


Zahira said...

hey hon since there is no time does this help
lol and you know me already so no need to say more is there hmmm i wonder ?!?!?!?

Dew said...

awww...poor najeeba. I was at the receiving end of something similar in standard two...Deen whacked in my eye with a ruler and we ahd to go to the principle and Deen had to explain that we were playing a game where I was the wife and that it was accidental and I couldn't explain because I was crying too much and Mrs. Moodley was frowning at me. Damn wife beater.

btw, who had prefects in standard 3?!

Waseem said...

Kerbear - wow nice to hear, most people love it, im the odd one out.

QL - thanks for sticking up for me :)

Zahira - ok you let off the hook, I didnt do that one, thats why i did this one.

Dew - I havent played the wifebeater game :-|. Once i got a caning for playing fighting with my friend Akbar. Teacher thought I was really beating him up.

We had prefects in std 3 because in my day, std 3 and std 4 were the last 2 standards of primary school, and we had prefects in both standards.

M Junaid said...

Boet - Dews, K's and your grafitti is awesome, almost to the point where i never want to grafitti again because i feel incompetent.. almost.

from standard 5 to standard 6 i was a wanker. (this might have continued into college, but this isnt a '8 things you dont know about mj' piece

i also worked part time in a butchery - i used to live of biltong and coke, which was my wage.

MJ hates seafood but has this feeling that his wife will probaly love that shit

I kicked a guy in his face when i was a prefect - now that you mentioned it, i'm trying to figure out why they didnt debadge me - heck - i was suspended three times when i was in high school - twice in matric, but they didnt debadge me - im never sending my kids there

AK said...

OK, this is just hilarious. You have such a subtle way of re-kindling all the remnants of our school pranks :)

Luckily, I wasn't involved in Najeeba's ass-pokin incident, but i was there for one rehearsal of your humiliations. HEHEH!!!

Man...Mr S.Chetty is a real doosbag, how could he think that you were pwning me on the floor?
AND! How could u throttle me with ur tie ? my innocence away!

Hmmm, I gave my prefect badge in, in std3 also, cos of Krishendutt (hate her too)
The incident went like this... i told Jashvir Hanyroup that his mother gives honey from her mammaries ROFL!
krishendutt heard the story and i handed my badge in.
YAY! The start of rebellion!

Oh yea, 2pac, my favorite double CD, ALL Eyez On Me, brings back memories of guns, knives, thugs n clubs. WOA!
Remember the crocodile-emblemed flick knives we had? Lost mine :/

r said...

LoL. ok you guys can come this friday 29th june, 8pm at 2Go and we'l have a full house confessional =) see you there waseem!

mazozo said...

Ah wild days at school huh bleh i was a good boy

Kronic_Paranoia said...

Don't say crap about my memory, I beat you in the memory test :P
Waseem got backup... should I be scared
AK has information on one other play,
Cheney endorses waterboarding.

NuRAAN said...

hey waseem..

nice blog!!:)