Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Harry Potter and the Esale-e-Sawaab

I'm sorry to disappoint you but this isn't an Islamic spoof of Harry Potter, I don't have any ideas for that as yet, maybe at a later date when everyone is finished with Deathly Hallows (or at least given a fair chance to those slow, slide their finger along the line to read, guys). My post is two-fold, firstly on khathams (I use this as a blanket term, on all Muslim gatherings, meelads, esale-e-sawaabs ... etc) and secondly Harry Potter, which I will attempt without spoilers.

I'm not a big fan of khathams (Muslim gatherings), mainly because I think the money could be put to better use, than feeding already well fed people. I know I'm being cynical, khathams are meant to be about more like passing on blessings to those who have passed away and possibly spiritual enlightenment but realistically more time is spent in feeding than anything else. People will go to tend to fires and sweetmeats, setting chairs and tables rather than sitting for their own khathams. Another thing that annoys me about khathams are people that come there to say Naaths(Kind of Islamic poems) and disappear down to eat when its Namaaz(Prayer) time. Namaaz is a tenet of our faith, khathams and Naaths aren't.

Things that annoyed me at our khatham:
My aunty (the paan aunty) calling me while reading Yaseen(Part of the Quran) to meet this lady I'm supposed to know, who kissed me on my cheek despite the fact she seemed to have been a bit too affectionate with the fish curry.
People with no authority to tell me what to do, telling me what to do.
People who conveniently have containers in their car to take away food and sweetmeats.
People who pretend to know me to get preferential treatment while serving.
Small kids who think its really fun to hit you as hard as possible and run away, but after a dousing of rose water (or two), he seemed to leave me alone.

So throughout the weekend I was trying to sneak in pages of Harry Potter, but I managed to get in some good solid reading in on Saturday night and all through Sunday. Its been a while since I have wanted to finish a book as much as I wanted to finish Deathly Hallows. When I finished it at first I was quite pleased and I thought it was a very good book because it tied up a lot of loose ends, maybe a distant second to Goblet of Fire, then the more I thought about the book, cynicism set in, and the less I liked the book. I discussed it with MJ and tore the book to shreds, I think I lambasted it a bit too much but I agree with QL that it was very poorly written compared to J.K.'s usual standard. I will go into more detail about my issues with the book in a later post and perhaps how I would have preferred the series to end.

This is my order of the books based on personal preference:
Goblet of Fire - far and away the best book in the series
Order of Phoenix - Dark but I like dark
Prisoner of Azkaban - Great twists and turns
Chamber of Secrets - Good mystery
Half Blood Prince - Not a lot really happened in this book
Philosophers Stone - Little more than a kiddies book, but enjoyable light reading
Deathly Hallows - For the reasons mentioned above

Till next time in Waseem world


Delon said...

So what are you saying? Are you saying that people actually carry containers in their boots to take sweet meats home?

!Joe! said...

yes, people do take containers...it's usually the same people in your family who do that...while you see them as being greedy, they think they're taking unwanted food off your hands..."come on, are you people really gonna eat ALL of this?" that's what they're thinking, these Backseat Tupperware Pirates. :) i have an aunt with a huge handbag lol. ew at the fishmouth aunty!
i like the idea of Harry Potter and the Esale-e-Sawaab :) i hope everyone finishes the book soon so we can read your version:)

Dew said...

Like I told you earlier

It was like popcorn - nice, enjoyable, I could eat alot BUT the salt was less.

I think Rowling was feeling very sentimental when she wrote it and tried to tie up events, people and locations throughout all her 6 books and so the book became more of a memorial, tribute to her other books and I kept felt like I was being forced to remember Harry's 'happier' younger days.

But I also think with the immense pressure for her to tie up all the loose ends and all the charcaters and places and events, ans still tell a good story and try to keep all the fans happy and still be rtue to herself - I still maintain that with ALL taht pressure she did a good job.

Popcorn is tasty it just tastes a bit better with salt.

Libra said...

Your order of preference in which you list the Harry Potter books is interesting. You've got GoF first, which has the most book-in-itselfness about it (except PS), then OotP and PoA which are most like each other (more about Sirius and the Marauders) and are fillers in terms of the Voldemort arc; then CoS and HBP which are also similar in theme and feel (Slytherin/Vodemort's history), and lastly the first one. I like them all for different reasons, and I wonder where I would rate DH in terms of which side it falls on.

aksn1p3r said...

Now JHB u get different style here n there, they make a hall for set amount of people and plates, all done by catering company or professionally themselves, so theres no connections connecting in the kitchen :)

Ok, now imagine that you're mid30's and your mother sends you to collect the containers from the boot, at a wedding 700KM away from your hometown. Now that's the limit!
*Hope he finds this comment*

My mothers aunty did that to her son, and I later conversed with my cousin bout what we had witnessed. She felt so bad for the dude, cant say I did. HAHA! It was spectacular, rofl'ing in my mind all the way back on the trip from Middelburg to JHB.

*Light my cig* and thank Allah for having a mother who lets me choose to do what I want and learn my way!

Harry potter, i haven't attempted to read any, so I wont tread on those greasy waters.

M Junaid said...

i enjoy the concept of a 'katham', or any islamic gathering per se - regardless of its idealogical leaning - but i agree - we indian muslims fuck it up.

i'm not saying you cant enjoy your wealth, but take a moment to remember those less fortunate - and defin feed poor people in your area

too often we go to outlying ares to feed people, when our own neigbours need nourishment - no strings attached nourishment.

re - potter - well, you know my thoughts on it - expect my blog in three weeks as well. gosh i wish i had someome to talk to regarding the book - no offence - your great - but you know what i mean.

ps - you were still being nice to it!
but i disagree with your list.

mazozo said...

Hmmm i havin been to a kathaam really bleh

Don't sound like i missing much tho hehe

As for harry potter when me gets it will let you'll know

!Joe! said...

i have family members who have kathams for the sake of showing off and for the sake of having kathams...they hold random kathams throughout the year, sometimes for good reasons, sometimes cos they had one last year at the same time...they throw kathams for kathams, if you know what im saying. everyone shows up, people read but they're not really sure what they're reading for...eventually everyone's like "where's the kheer?" not a good thing, but it happens...

queen_Lestat said...

May Allah grant Dumbledore, Lilly and James, the Longbottoms and all other Mujahids in the struggle against Voldemort, as well as all other Mahrooms, Jannah.


Please enjoy the book. All proceeds go to the Hogwarts Janazah Fund.

JK Appa

The Organ Harvester said...

Dude you and me both. It is not that we dont like islamic community get togethers in our house, it is that well some people act like vultures as my brothers put it. And it's almost any place where there is food. Ramadaan at the Masjid people will be late for reading Namaaz to ensure no food is left to get cold. At the end nothing is left. Not even water in the jugs and the men who only had a date to break their fast and who stay until after taraweek are left with nothing. Now there is a Ramadaan test. Dont worry I didnt kill anyone.

Libra said...

I agree that Ootp is relevant to the Voldemort arc in that it worked on the Harry/Voldemort connection. I just meant that in theme it is more evocative of the feelings found in PoA. Sorry I meant that comment in a very generalizing way; not as something to squint too hard at. I was just trying to make a point about the simialrities between PoA and OotP. Also, as in PoA Voldemort doesn't really figure significantly in OotP; it's not so much *about* him.

qdee said...

lol, enjoyed this post ;)
organ harvester- muslim ppl and food! thats how you know a halaal takeaway will be profitable ;)
we all have those aunts who make sure they find you and slap a big wet one on your cheek after crushing the life out of you...cant we find a place for em? like far away. im thinking of sending some crazy ppl i know on a boat to nowhere. the more ppl we get, the cheaper the fair ;)
not into the potter craze, but yay for you :)