Tuesday, 28 August 2007

El Ekse I'm on TV

I don't watch much TV these days and there are many reasons for that, XBOX being a major one. Another major reason I don't watch TV though is due to the stupidity on the screen that is reality TV. The worst TV show I have ever had the misfortune to watch was My Super Sweet 16, followed closely by The Simple Life (or whatever that Paris Hilton one was called). My Super Sweet 16 is basically about this ridiculously rich brat throwing tantrums to have the best party in their town, but you feel like your soul has been sucked out watching it. Recently there seems to be many reality shows going on at once, Survivor Malaysia, Survivor Somewhere Else, Idols, Girls from Playboy Mansion and ... oh Amazing Race just ended. Also they show Cheaters all the time on the Reality channel for Hamza, he seems to like that program.

So due to my tea drinking and supper eating times conflicting with reality TV show times, I have been subjected to a few. I quite like Amazing Race in fact, because I suppose like most people I would love to travel around the world. A favorite pastime of ours these days is to watch the Idols auditions on the Idols channel and marvel at the complete ineptitude of the contestants.

A few moments highlighting stupidity I have seen on reality shows:

The first is from the Survivor South Africa: Malaysia where they have an Indian guy from Phoenix taking part. He is massive, one of those guys with more muscle than brain. So they have interviews with each of the contestants discussing why they entered and how they plan on winning etc. When they interview this guy, Nischal I think it was, they had subtitles for him translating stuff like 'El Ekse Im on TV, Uuuuunnniiiteedd' to 'I am so proud to be on Survivor'. He didn't go very far, he ended up on Exile island from the start and I decided to stop watching.

The second is from The Amazing Race (the last season I think), one of the only reality shows I like, but you still get those irritating teams. This conversation took place when these 2 teams met each other at the airport.
Ray: Hi, my name is Ray ... like the sun.
Lake: Hi Ray, my name is Lake ... like the ocean.

Finally the third comes from Survivor : The American one. Billy, I think it was, is on the verge of being voted out at tribal council so he says he didn't come to the show for the million dollars, he came to find love. He met this girl in the past immunity challenge and they mouthed the words 'I love you' to each other, love at first sight and all that. I would like to see the reunion show just for this awkward moment.

Till next time in Waseem world


Hamza Fareed said...

*Gir Voice* I love that show!!

All that drama, human emotion...oh sorry *End Gir Voice*
and of course the fact that it's hilarious. I remember one episode, They brought this guy from work to show his GF cheating and this guy works as a clown so he was still in gear, and he's breaking down into tears taking his toy gun and throwing it at them and all I'm thinking is AWWWWW man he is a clown, how could you do that to him...sad

erm how is a lake like the ocean?

qdee said...

yeah, i love those awkward reunion shows and nobody talks to those people at the back who got voted out first and then the runner up (or first loser) pretends to be all happy when the winner...wins.
lol as for those people all standing by in the hometowns!! :D
i liked amazing race hippies..
but now, waseem, i ask you wide eyed and in shock - how can you write a post about tv and NOT mention my lovely 7de laan?!!
im not impressed..i just am not.
only a large tub of icecream and some bling can make up for this oversight *sniff*

!Joe! said...

my super sweet 16 is so dumb. one of the episodes that really disgusted me was the one where the girl got two cars...when they brought out the first one, she was upset and on the verge of tears cos it was a simple 4x4 sort of thing...then she got this porsche and then everything was good...damn ungrateful people!
tea drinking times...those are good times!
I only watch Idols, but I hate the judges...theire comments are so 2002...
Cheaters!!!:D:D:D i used to love that! no one in my house feels the same so i don't watch it anymore. I used to love Tommy Grand, he was so understanding and I bet he was lawyer before, cos he always has that "Justice must be served" look on his face...I have to also say Joey Greco is equally cool; he confronts the cheater (By the way, is the correct word "Cheat" or cheater?) head on and effectively makes him/her feel swak :D you have to love cheaters, :)

jhakasjk said...

If a Greek says that Greeks always lie,is he telling the truth or lie?