Monday, 10 September 2007

Turkey is a dish best served cold

Hi, my name is Waseem and I was a smoker. I had my last cigarette 2 weeks ago. I don't get why the guys in those AA meetings, say 'I am an alcoholic' as opposed to 'I was an alcoholic' but anyway they say acceptance is the first step.

It may surprise most of you guys that I was/am a smoker but I won't get into the reasoning behind me smoking. You cannot explain the allure of smoking to a non-smoker or even the difficulty in giving up. I was not a heavy smoker though, I averaged around 4 a day, compared to guys I know who go through a pack a day, that is pretty decent.

Well two weeks ago, on a Saturday, I ran out of cigarettes. I normally never run out, I always have a new pack when the other is almost done, I took it as a sign. I have wanted to give up for a while now for a multitude of reasons so I think I just needed the push. The first Monday was the worst day so far, had some serious cravings, not like seeing people as big cigarettes or anything, but I did snap at my managing director for something (she does get annoying at times, in my defence). The last week wasn't too bad though, spent most of it sick with flu, which my friend Akbar says is part of the detox.

So I'm not good with these conclusion wrap up things. If you're thinking about what to get me for Eid, get me a post concluder, it will come in handy.

Till next time in Waseem world


The Organ Harvester said...

only quitters quit.

Libra said...

Smoking is not a baffling addiction to non-smokers...what got smokers into it in the first place is.

!Joe! said...

:) it's so nice you're giving up! now you won't be accelerating global warming, and you won't have to leave any function you go to to smoke outside :D you can stay inside, yay!!!:D:D:D

Hamza Fareed said...

Quiting is easy I do it every week.
No seriously, there is this new program I want to try, use heroin, I hear it takes the edge off the nicotine withdrawal...
really really serious this time, good for you, I hope to be following your path soon.
What gets smokers into this situation?
Well... I would say we thought we needed it. Cigarettes:
Sedates (This in itself is useful in getting through the daily drudgery)
Increases concentration
Keeps you awake...thats all I can remember

Couple that with it's legal, cheap and the human thought that it would never happen to them(side effects) you get us.

aksn1p3r said...

Nice one Waseem! I admire the willpower & dedication.

Please let me know how much nicer the food tastes... I want a conclusion on that one :D

Dew said...

my ada smoked for yeeeears, ten he went onto the pipe to give up and then he gave up and its been more than 15 years I think:)

And you know what Was, he's pretty healthy for his age (Alhamdulilah). Glad you made the first step. oh...and if its not working...try the pipe, besides making you look all new-age classy it also might help.

Zahera said...

My dad smokes like a blumming chimney! Cigarettes stink and its us poor passive smokers who get the butt end ofit :-P

Well done on quitting! Make sure you keep it up :-)