Friday, 14 September 2007

Weird mind of Waseem 1

Have you ever wondered why Tamil men keep a mustache? Is it to counter Muslim guys who keep beards? I mean not all Tamil men keep them, but most of the older ones do. It is like a tradition thing. I'm serious go check on this if you don't believe me. And when they convert to Christianity, they keep their mustache as a remembrance. This hasn't seemed to have affected the younger generation though, but I don't know many religious Tamil guys. I have about 10 Tamil friends, and only 1 guy actually keeps his fast without complaining, he will probably have a mustache next time I see him.

Also I always thought mustache had an o in it, you live and you learn.

Till next time in Waseem world


!Joe! said...

Do tamil men keep the handlbar ones? or was that in the past? They keep their moustaches as remembrance of their past? :D i know young tamil guys, none of them keep a moustache...

Hamza Fareed said...

I thought it was a style they couldn't let go off. One tamil moustached guy I'll never forget Mr. S.Chetty and his oh so funny Hamza who? stint. I had to reply Hamza Boo (EXACTLY!!) or catch hiding, bear in mind this was when hitting children was normal like scratching your ass i.e you did it without a moments hesitation

r said...

im gonna investigate this. Where are there more elderly tamil men.. phoenix or chatsworth? or do you think wikipedia might have an article on this..? Hmmm..

aksn1p3r said...

Hamza hooooo???? lol shame man... thanks for making me remember ROFL!

Remember these ones...

1. S Chetty asks Naushaad to respond accordingly:

SChetty: "There is?"
Naushaad: "No Shad!"
SChetty: "HooWhere?"
Naushaad: "In the sea!

2. S Chetty sings to Sanjay Barsathy (Barsaathi)

"Haathi mera saathi...Barr-saa-thi!
Saathi mera haathi... saa-thi-barr!"

I hated how he slaand Waseem for strangling me ;)
(I'll never forget the war game day wen Waseem got hiding from S.Chetty for nothing)

Also bear in mind that one day they overloaded me with the maths, English & Afrikaans Olympiads.
After S Chetty kept forcing me to do Science Olympiad, I, in a torrent of tears and snot, eventually yelled "FUCK YOU!" to him in front of the class and K Govender.
I guess cos of the war game day also :) and he was TELLING ME not asking me. Don't fucking make me do things i don't wanna :D

S Chetty can lick his moustache for all i care :P

Oh ya, I noticed on Firefox US spell check its spelt "mustache".
Oh and i just realized that "Spelled" and "spelt" are US & British alternates or whatever.

Shiraz said...

It's cos of Rajnikanth aka Bhagwan Dada aka Sivaji The Boss. They all want to be the cool, cigarette flicking dude, with the cool moustache. It's just how they roll.

The Organ Harvester said...

hahaha. i'm tamil and i dont have a moustache. i dont have a beard either. in fact aside from overly long nipple hair, i'm pretty hairless. oh i sport a few strands on my toes.

queen_lestat said...

LOL the moustache (spelling: UK) is a permanent fixture even in India.

First came the moustache,
Then came the Ray Bans (with the gold and ivory bridge)
Then came the red toyota sprinters.

Hmmm what was that movie/game tagline? First came the darkness then came the strangers?