Monday, 15 October 2007

Kurtah Krazy Klips

For some people, Eid may be an excuse to buy a new Pringle shirt and an Allstars. Not for me. I used Eid as an excuse to buy a kurtah.

It was my second choice, a black hoody type. My first choice was tad too tight, proving that fasting has done nothing for my physique (It was only narrow in the shoulders, now that I think about it). Well you can't always get what you want in life, and my life motto is 'Something is better than nothing'.

My kurtah wearing experience sparked my imagination into a possible invention to help kurtah users everywhere. Perhaps it has been thought of before but I put forward to you

'Kurtah Clips'

  • clip it on your hoody so it doesnt fall over your head when you go into Rukhu or Sajda
  • clip up your sides, so the people behind you don't put their heads in your kurtah, when they wake up after you from Sajda/Rukhu
  • possibly, be stylish and trendy
  • you could use them on abayas too, I guess
  • there are no other uses
I have been also thinking of inventions to keep fresh breath while fasting (keeping to Shariah of course), I haven't thought of anything as yet. As well as an invention to put the 'weeh' back in Taraweeh, but thats a tough one.

Till next time in Waseem world


Hamza Fareed said...

what is the hood for?
maybe it's islamic spygear read your esha and perform covert missions with just one outfit by simply interchanging with hood, but wait it doesn't just come in black we have all terrain colours to take battle against infidels anywhere! .... or maybe not :/

The Organ Harvester said...

The hoods always remind me of Jedi crap. They need to be sold with obligatory light sabre. But then brothers wont stop making those light sabre sounds in the Masjid so maybe that is a bad idea. I need new Kurtas. We dont have any stores here and if anyone does sell, it's over priced. Darn those sweat shop kids and their over priced goods.

Weeh in Taraweeh? The moral police are gonna invade...

aksn1p3r said...

rofl anyway, this one guy overdid it with black hoodie and sunglasses, and he was dark too :)

good innovation on the kurtah tho... wud I still go buy a new topee after buying the kurtah? maybe...

I'd second having Wii's at taraweeh :D

M Junaid said...

i always thought the hoods were there so that we could do the whole celtic monk thing and start humming tala al badru alainaa or something - i like my hoodys - makes me feel like that dude from scream, or the grim reaper, or a lord of the rings character - come to think about it - i cant think of any characters who have hoods who are positive role models - hoodys are great for bad hair days (yes - that sounds gay - i dont care you anonymous fucks!)

!Joe! said...

MJ, that sounds so cute, :D btw hooded kurthas remind me of MJ...he wears them like a skaterboi :) they're just so street, soon you'll see rappers wearing cool adidas ones.