Tuesday, 27 November 2007

I am ... Justice

I wouldn't call myself an anime freak, but I have been known to like the occasional anime. It started with DBZ (to my memory) and continued on to Berserk, some Naruto, couple episodes of Bleach and currently I'm on a new series(to me) called Death Note. Alot of people dont like anime for its formulaic and delay-filled story lines (e.g. Goku taking a week to power up/die/have lunch), I would agree with that and I accept that DBZ was nothing more than a soapie which focused on violence rather than lust and betrayal. Thats the reason I was pretty surprised at the creation of the Animax channel, I didn't know anime had such a large following in S.A. I'm not really surprised at its poor content though. One of them, Paranoia Agent, is about this girl who got hit by a kid with a bat. You can imagine the drama.

Berserk has been by far the best anime I have seen, and it is no kiddies show. 16SNVL at the least, but I loved the story and the amazing character depth. No other anime series I have watched has come close but I am holding out hope for Death Note.

Death Note has an interesting premise, I have only watched 3 episodes (so no spoilers please) and I am already hooked. A school kid finds this book (Death Note) and he discovers that if he writes down a persons name in the book, they will die(There is more to it, just trying not to give stuff away), so he starts killing off serious criminals (by writing their names in), becoming a 'Death God'. The World Police (Interpol), who frown on the mass killing of people, are trying to bring him to justice, while he(Death God guy) feels he is justice.

I have been wondering what would I do with such a power, would i succumb to the temptation? If I did, would I be able to stick to the straight and narrow of only 'criminals'? I (thankfully) have not been affected so seriously by crime, so I think my answer is no (to the succumbing to temptation). But lets take this a step further, what if you could have killed Hitler or the Crusaders* etc. before they could cause any harm? That would be very tempting, but then again everything happens for a reason.

Till next time in Waseems world

* - I just checked Wikipedia to see who called for the Crusades, the entry was very biased against Muslims, so I stopped reading because I did not trust the source.

Monday, 12 November 2007

All Hallowth Eve

I wanted to do a Diwali post, but after I read Hamza's article on Almost News, everything else Diwali-related paled in comparison, so instead I have decided on another topic, Halloween.

I think it is quite sad that we are not able to enjoy this event as much as our American counterparts. Ok, before you start boycotting my blog for pro-American propaganda, I don't really like America, I just like the concept of Halloween. The dressing up in scary costumes, collecting candy, evenings filled with horror movies, what's not to like?

My favorite site, collegehumor.com, recently had a costume competition, and from a few of the costumes I have seen, these guys are really dedicated to the whole costume thing. If you boycott Coke and stuff, you won't want to visit the site, it is very American. Anyway here are the top 3 costumes at collegehumor:

This finished third, and if you haven't guessed by now, it's the 300 army. I don't think there are 300 people there, but give them a break man, that guy has alot of guts to be posing in a diaper.

Holy mother of awesome! This costume is so great, you have to wonder if this came second, what could beat it. This is from the greatest game of the year, Bioshock, and its accuracy is absolutely dead on.

This is the winner, not better than the Bioshock one, but the competition was open to public voting, which makes it a popularity contest. This is Bender from Futurama, attention to detail is awesome again. Apparently the door at his front opens and you can put beers(or your choice non-alcoholic beverage, maybe Creras) in it.

If I had to go to costume party and dress up, I would go as an Igor, complete with hunchback, dead leg and lithp. Or I would take Collegehumors idea of a last minute costume, take a mouse(the electronic kind) and hold it on my face, and go as a mousepad.

Till next time in Waseem world