Tuesday, 27 November 2007

I am ... Justice

I wouldn't call myself an anime freak, but I have been known to like the occasional anime. It started with DBZ (to my memory) and continued on to Berserk, some Naruto, couple episodes of Bleach and currently I'm on a new series(to me) called Death Note. Alot of people dont like anime for its formulaic and delay-filled story lines (e.g. Goku taking a week to power up/die/have lunch), I would agree with that and I accept that DBZ was nothing more than a soapie which focused on violence rather than lust and betrayal. Thats the reason I was pretty surprised at the creation of the Animax channel, I didn't know anime had such a large following in S.A. I'm not really surprised at its poor content though. One of them, Paranoia Agent, is about this girl who got hit by a kid with a bat. You can imagine the drama.

Berserk has been by far the best anime I have seen, and it is no kiddies show. 16SNVL at the least, but I loved the story and the amazing character depth. No other anime series I have watched has come close but I am holding out hope for Death Note.

Death Note has an interesting premise, I have only watched 3 episodes (so no spoilers please) and I am already hooked. A school kid finds this book (Death Note) and he discovers that if he writes down a persons name in the book, they will die(There is more to it, just trying not to give stuff away), so he starts killing off serious criminals (by writing their names in), becoming a 'Death God'. The World Police (Interpol), who frown on the mass killing of people, are trying to bring him to justice, while he(Death God guy) feels he is justice.

I have been wondering what would I do with such a power, would i succumb to the temptation? If I did, would I be able to stick to the straight and narrow of only 'criminals'? I (thankfully) have not been affected so seriously by crime, so I think my answer is no (to the succumbing to temptation). But lets take this a step further, what if you could have killed Hitler or the Crusaders* etc. before they could cause any harm? That would be very tempting, but then again everything happens for a reason.

Till next time in Waseems world

* - I just checked Wikipedia to see who called for the Crusades, the entry was very biased against Muslims, so I stopped reading because I did not trust the source.


The Organ Harvester said...


After weeks this is the best you can do?

That's it no more nude photos of my 70 year old neighbour for you.

Sofi said...
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Sofi said...

what is anime? and do you wish you had so much power?

Waseem said...

Anime is short for animation, and is generally used as the term for Japanese cartoons (if my knowledge serves me correctly).

As for the power, I dont think anyone but God can choose when someone can die, noone else has the foresight/knowledge to judge someone correctly.

Thanks for visiting Sofi :)

OH - Dude you complain when I do, and complain when I dont, go cry to your potatoes :D

The Organ Harvester said...

Come on dont be so sensitive. WHat are you listening to the Eagles again? Or maybe bread?

Go watch bridget jones dairy 1 and 2 and then comment about my potatoes.

aksn1p3r said...

Excellent choice of watching :) and same goes for Berserk.

I enjoy mature anime like Death Note, and it is probably the best anime series i've seen.

Yagami Light's character is brilliant. I'd call him a fallen hero rather than a villain.

I know you don't like japanese music, but the 2 openings and endings are cool :)

r said...

similar premise to that of the death penalty. Who should decide between life and death? And all the related issues that go with it. I however am not the nicest of people. So i would off all criminals and anyone else who pissed me off... *insert sinister look*

bb_aisha said...

I'm not really a fan--maybe I'm missing out...How are you doing waseem?

!Joe! said...

You should read Making History by Stephen Fry (I love you Steeeephenn, aaaah!). :D It looks at what the world might have been like if Hitler hadn't been born. The dark humour reveals scary ideas of how much worse off we would have been.

I can't see the anime :(just when I feel like watching it, too...

Waseem said...

Joe - You told me about that before, thats where the idea was from. Animax is swak, you not missing out.

BB - Anime is bit of an acquired taste, so I dunno if you are missing out. Im fine thanks :)

R - Youre a nice person :P Do you really think you could be happy that you took someones life? I dont think so

AK - Kira Janai :D

OH - who is bread, you seem to have more insight into this than me.

Hamza Fareed said...
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Hamza Fareed said...

Well this guy had the same idea

!Joe! said...

Bread man...Baby Im'a Want you :D