Monday, 12 November 2007

All Hallowth Eve

I wanted to do a Diwali post, but after I read Hamza's article on Almost News, everything else Diwali-related paled in comparison, so instead I have decided on another topic, Halloween.

I think it is quite sad that we are not able to enjoy this event as much as our American counterparts. Ok, before you start boycotting my blog for pro-American propaganda, I don't really like America, I just like the concept of Halloween. The dressing up in scary costumes, collecting candy, evenings filled with horror movies, what's not to like?

My favorite site,, recently had a costume competition, and from a few of the costumes I have seen, these guys are really dedicated to the whole costume thing. If you boycott Coke and stuff, you won't want to visit the site, it is very American. Anyway here are the top 3 costumes at collegehumor:

This finished third, and if you haven't guessed by now, it's the 300 army. I don't think there are 300 people there, but give them a break man, that guy has alot of guts to be posing in a diaper.

Holy mother of awesome! This costume is so great, you have to wonder if this came second, what could beat it. This is from the greatest game of the year, Bioshock, and its accuracy is absolutely dead on.

This is the winner, not better than the Bioshock one, but the competition was open to public voting, which makes it a popularity contest. This is Bender from Futurama, attention to detail is awesome again. Apparently the door at his front opens and you can put beers(or your choice non-alcoholic beverage, maybe Creras) in it.

If I had to go to costume party and dress up, I would go as an Igor, complete with hunchback, dead leg and lithp. Or I would take Collegehumors idea of a last minute costume, take a mouse(the electronic kind) and hold it on my face, and go as a mousepad.

Till next time in Waseem world


aksn1p3r said...

One day i will dress up as a ninja, you won't know its me, but then i will roundhouse and then uppercut someone, then do a slide, and an ice jutsu or a "Get over here!" jutsu :) Then... you will know it was me!

Bioshock cosplay rocked! Voters are so thick headed to make that futurama costume win. *Sigh*

Could someone please name their child "Gamer" or "Ninja" already...

The Organ Harvester said...

you know halloween is strictly northern hemisphere, kind of like white christmas? dont worry, i wont pee on your blog.

!Joe! said...

hehehe, i'd probably do the sheet ghost thing :) i used to think it was cool, but i dont think it has any relevance here...and you can't really trick or treat nowadays, you might get killed by passing white taxis or hijacked for sweets, or kidnapped by paedophiles. those costumes are very cool, btw. My uncle lives in the US and they do all the American things...when his daughter was 2 her ma dressed her up as a cabbage patch doll,dumping a mop head on her head...i was like, but her hair already looks like that :) OH, please stop peeing on blogs, mine is beginning to resemble a pit latrine :D

ZK said...

mmm wonder who i could go as?
any ideas?
miss you ou

r said...

pippi longstocking! With long red wig plaited over both shoulders, unmatching baggy clothes and my fathers shoes, 5 sizes too big with newspaper stuffed in the toes! Oh and id carry a battered brown suitcase =D such a pity pip was a skinny ass thing.

Libra said...

If it helps your case any Halloween is based on the old traditions associated with All Hallow's Eve, and that is a European thing, having to do with the changing of the seasons and much unleashing of demons on the earth. It is not really an 'American' thing, though you could debate that.

P.s. I love Halloween too, especially the horror movie marathon some TV channel WILL host on the 31st.

Dew said...

I dressed up as a witch once...they vaselined my eyebrows and made my hair stand up and I wore a cloak and carried a broom. I had to walk to school and I think i nearly caused someone to meet into an accident.