Saturday, 8 December 2007

You are what you search for

You know that saying 'You are what you eat' (which means Im lots of pasta and fast food), well I also think 'You are what you search for'. If you delve in someone's search history, you can sometimes see what goes on in the deep recess of their minds. Well not mine, cos I dont save my search history, but if I did, maybe you could. I remember once at work I went to fix someone's internet connection, and he told me to help him clear his search history. His keywords were 'vagina', 'adult movies' and 'naked vagina'. He was clearly enjoying his work day.

Sitemeter, the hits counter I use, has this referrals option, that shows you where(which blog etc.) your visitors come from, which also means what they typed in Google to find your page. So I have been checking mine and couple of my friends (who have Sitemeter) and found some funny searchs.

Joe's - 'I need to pee'- I dont know why they typed this in Google, instead of actually going to the toilet, unless its like a medical problem. Good slogan for Joes blog - So funny, it solves bladder problems.

MJ's - 'Big nipples' - This could have been the same guy I used to work with. Im sure he was pretty disappointed at what he found. Not saying anything about MJs blog but I doubt he will find it comparable to 'Big nipples'.

Almost-News - 'robbie pop star sexual orientation'- Doesn't everyone know by now? I think I know someone who might have searched this.

And finally mine - 'y is wassem a gay wanker' - Obviously a different Waseem. Obviously someone is bitter about something this 'wassem' has done.

There is moral to this story if you look for it.

Till next time in Waseem world


Dew said...

Ello Waseem! I'm liking the blue!

sheesh, I cant belive that guy had those things in his search engine...such a well i mean I know people do that, but like is he so dumb to search for such things and not know how to cover his tracks and I mean... 'naked vagina'...thats so crude.

I'll give you a few from my search engine.

'how to kill abe lincoln sam and max' (I was stuck okay!)

'Is Lucius Verenus dead Rome' (that one cracks me up)

'jared padelecki girlfriend' (whaat I wanted to see how she looked)

'theres a hole in the bucket dear lady dear lady' ( I was tryng to confirm the lyrics with my friend)

'the purple tentacle game'
(I was trying to find the title of that game I played like in 1993)

Hamza Fareed said...

Searches... I have seen a few hectic ones myself
a 50 yr old white lady looking for a swinger meet :O
A 20 something in an abusive relationship with a heroine addict and she likes nsync :/
dogpile has this feature where you can check what people are searching for realtime...turn off the filter for funny/scary stuff

Shiraz said...

Isn't it theres a hole in my bucket dear Liza dear Liza? I'm guessing thats what the argument was about.

Search engine.... Well since most searches bring up porn anyway it makes sense that putting in a porn search would bring up a site that doesn't

aksn1p3r said...

My anime blog brings in really weird searches like ...

"Insect kills all human but one"

r said...

im missing out. I need sitemeter

!Joe! said...

i know, it's freaky. it's my "i need to pee, this will be quick" post that keeps coming up...someone in Sacremento looked up "I need to pee, male" and another in North Carolina was looking for "pictures of unions that boys pee out of." what the hell, man. I also find many people looking for Robbie pictures, and end up finding my lone Rob pic. And would you believe someone using an Indian connection (hehe) was looking for the parlotones and found my pictures? Recently, some looked for "cool points out the window" "petroleum jelly antibacterial properties" and "stalker pic." Another put in "waseem" and found my Nando's conversation. it's cool and weird knowing what brings people to your blog. MJ's Google referral thingie is funny :D And as for your "why is wassem a gay wanker," your blog will be the first one to pop up on Google cos you wrote about it now :)

Kaledovic said...

pretty much true notion. Your post reminds me of that article (in Newsweek or the Economist, can't remember) called "I Google, I Exist"

bb_aisha said...

Interesting.i want sitemeter now. My searches are usually work related,or islamically linked. Although,last week at work i searched for 'spank bank' -mj told me to google it. My sisters said i'm crazy since i'm new at work and what if porn popped up. I used my brains though and sussed out the non-kosher links. I have to get sitemeter. Most interesting post i've read on any blog for a loong time

The K-man said...

I lost my site meter when I revamped but is really interesting what people search for. Googling oneself ?

Nooj said...

madagascar i have the hibby
"pieter-dirk uys" freedom of speech