Monday, 28 January 2008

As Seen On TV

When I was younger, I used to love TV, even wake up at early parts of the morning (6 AM) to watch cartoons. As well as, try my best to be at home on Monday and Wednesday evenings for prime time sitcom entertainment. There are 3 main reasons the feelings of affection for TV have been replaced with feeling of apathy.
  1. Adverts, especially home shopping style ads.

  2. You can no longer watch something on TV with the whole family in the room. The moral integrity of television programming has decayed to an unbelievable state.

  3. I get all the series sans adverts, which I can watch at my leisure.
For some reason unknown to present me, past me used to watch alot of those Verimark/Glomail home shopping style ads. Past me even memorised a few of them, but I never fell for the silver tongues of those presenters; I had my pride. I have watched so many of those Verimark commercials, I think I could do one of my own. So let me try with my own blog, maybe I could sell it to future readers.

Are you tired of blogs with more pictures than posts? Are you sick of blogs where the grammar is lower than a 5th grade level? Is the lack of entertaining posts getting you down?

Visit Ever Great Waseem!!!

Ever Great Waseem always has entertaining posts created from Waseem's own quirky sense of humor. Waseem doesn't have fancy pictures and widgets that fill up his blog. Waseem got a B for English in Matric; so he can spell!!!

What you get with Ever Great Waseem:
  • 40+ posts with exciting, entertaining, original content
  • Links list filled with Waseem's chosen favorite blogs
  • Waseem's hilarious chatbox (Endorsed by MJ)
  • An exclusive feed from Waseem's other brainchild, Almost-News
  • Some other stuff too exciting to mention here
So what are you waiting for?

Visit Ever Great Waseem now!!!

Where greatness is just a click away

Till next time in Waseem world


Zahera said...

*TaAa-DaAaaaaaa* :-D and we're in!

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely subscribing!

ZK said...

already subscribing :D

SingleGuy said...

But wait.....theres more! For no extra charge you get humorous commentry from The SingleGuy and others. No other Blog offers you this amazing value for money.

Don't delay, subscribe now to take advantage of this once in a life-time offer!

Dew said...

I like TV adverts...maybe because I hardly see them. hmmm

oh wait,was I supposed to also add an coke?

M Junaid said...

we all cant wait to 'get with' ever great waseem ;)

Woohoo - MJ endorses this blog - Oh yeah Baby!

Laugh now minions - i shall be awesome one day!

My favourite "Great post" - What if Gandhi was one of us :)

M Junaid said...

i used to love the infomercials in the kitchen - you know - the blenders and the pots and the steamers . mmm.
Those were awesome :) FOOD

r said...

Viewers! We have a special end of january special! if you subscribe NOW we'l throw in a whole zany cast of commentators!! Usually you'd have to visit each individual blogsite to experience it but in this SPECIAL ONE TIME ONLY LIMITED OFFER The Ever Great Waseem subscribers receive the BEST selected commentators all in ONE PLACE!! don't hesitate! Be the envy of your friends! Subscribe NOW! its just a mouse click away.. :D

The Organ Harvester said...

didnt single guy just say that? confuzzling.

bb_aisha said...

Brilliant! Hey SG-you stole my line:-p Insert Just Be there:-)

!Joe! said...

that was just like them verimark write those, don't you?

:D you should be in marketing...

saaleha. bamjee. hyphen. said...

How long does the warranty last? And can I get a free smoothie-maker?