Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Bunny Chow: The Post

This post is for Zahera, who wanted to know what a bunny chow is. A bunny chow is considered a Durban Indian delicacy, but it is so simplistic in creation it makes you ask 'Why didn't I think of that?'. Bunny chow is basically hollowed out bread with curry inside it. My personal favorite is the broad beans bunny, because I don't like meat with bones in it, so I'm not a fan of mutton curry.

Here are some common native speak you may hear associated with bunny:

Eish, I'm so skraal, I could crash like two two bunnies, ekse - Oh dear, I am so hungry, I could eat two entire bunny chows myself.

Ey bra, lets vy to lugz and get quarter beans, I'm parking swak, but I know that outie there, he gee me on skollets - My friend, let us traverse to the Blue Lagoon and buy ourselves a quarter loaf beans bunny. I don't have much money, but I know the person who works there, he will allow me to buy said bunny on account.

Ey, don't put eyes for my bunny, I'll rockfall you ekse, warrapen? - Could you kindly stop looking at my bunny? Or else I might have to resort to violence.

I hope this post has encouraged Zahera to vote for me in the Pizza Poll. Speaking of the Pizza Poll, if you haven't voted, go to MJ's Blog and vote for Waseem says Debonairs. Everyone loves Debonairs, so voting Debonairs is the right thing to do.

Till next in Waseem world.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Are you addicted to MXIT?

I was thinking about doing this quiz on Facebook, but they don't have one with a points structure (well that i know of, and one quiz app is enough). So, with the aid of Hamza, I'm creating the quiz here instead.

1. What is the first thing you do in the morning?
a) Log in to mxit to see who's on
b) Log in to check offlines
c) I sleep during the day and wake up at night
d) Brush my teeth

2. When you leave home, you make sure:
a) You got your spare battery
b) Your phone is fully charged
c) That the sun has gone down
d) You got your hanky

3. At the movies you are:
a) Glowing
b) Telling all your contacts brb and setting status to away and mood to excited
c) Admiring the girl sitting next to you's neck
d) MOVIES!!! Do you know how many germs are on one arm rest?

4. At a Khatham (religious gathering) you:
hide your phone under a Yaseen and pretend to read
b) are looking for prospective contacts
dodge the rosewater and avoid Niaz
d) bring your own spoon, and watching out for Kalas walking past, going to wash their hands.

5. What are your plans tonight?
a) On Mxit, trolling chatrooms
b) Meeting some friends to go look for some contacts
c) Feeding on the lifeblood of an innocent
d) Washing my hair

6. What do you do when you meet someone you are attracted to?
a) Ask for a/s/l
b) Ask for contact
c) Bite his/her neck
d) Spray him/her with Febreeze

7. What do you dread most?
a) DCing
b) Contact turning out to be fat/ugly/both
c) Sunlight (not the soap)
d) Sunlight (the soap, it damages your skin)

8. What is most important to you in your life?
a) Mxit
b) Cellphone
c) Blood of innocents
d) Washing your hands after you eat
e) Your Ma

Mostly As - You are what we like to term f**king addicted. Your world revolves around Mxit. Give the people a chance to leave you offlines before you check for them.

Mostly Bs - You live your life through Mxit and see it as a way to develop your social life. Thats just sad man.

Mostly Cs - Good news is that you aren't addicted to Mxit, bad news is you are addicted to blood. You are a vampire, you should stay away from garlic, crosses and stuff. Stay away from Mxit too, cos you've already proven you have an addictive personality.

Mostly Ds - You are too busy keeping clean to be on Mxit, you probably have your cellphone in one of those plastic sleeve things. Seriously though, some of the best things in life involve you getting dirty.

Mostly Es - There were other questions you know, but thats so sweet man *pinches cheek*

Till next time in Waseem world

Monday, 4 February 2008

Weird mind of Waseem 2

Something I have been thinking about over the last few days ... why is it that women change their surnames to their husbands surname after marriage? It seems like alot of unnecessary trouble to me for her to go through the process of changing her name.

I've been thinking of this since I watched You, Me and Dupree (crap movie), when Michael Douglas asked Matt Dillon (who was married to Michael Douglas' daughter Kate Hudson) to change his surname to their surname, or at least a hyphenated version. Matt Dillon seemed very aggrieved by this and thought that this would emasculate him in the marriage. I thought about this, and personally, I would never change my name, because it is my identity. So in the same token, how can I expect my wife to change her surname? So I decided I will leave it up to her, assuming that I get married of course. There is a slight romance to your wife sharing your name though.

This creates another question though, what about the kids (again assuming)? Perhaps a hyphenated surname if she chooses to keep her surname. Might get a bit complex.

Till next time in Waseem world