Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Bunny Chow: The Post

This post is for Zahera, who wanted to know what a bunny chow is. A bunny chow is considered a Durban Indian delicacy, but it is so simplistic in creation it makes you ask 'Why didn't I think of that?'. Bunny chow is basically hollowed out bread with curry inside it. My personal favorite is the broad beans bunny, because I don't like meat with bones in it, so I'm not a fan of mutton curry.

Here are some common native speak you may hear associated with bunny:

Eish, I'm so skraal, I could crash like two two bunnies, ekse - Oh dear, I am so hungry, I could eat two entire bunny chows myself.

Ey bra, lets vy to lugz and get quarter beans, I'm parking swak, but I know that outie there, he gee me on skollets - My friend, let us traverse to the Blue Lagoon and buy ourselves a quarter loaf beans bunny. I don't have much money, but I know the person who works there, he will allow me to buy said bunny on account.

Ey, don't put eyes for my bunny, I'll rockfall you ekse, warrapen? - Could you kindly stop looking at my bunny? Or else I might have to resort to violence.

I hope this post has encouraged Zahera to vote for me in the Pizza Poll. Speaking of the Pizza Poll, if you haven't voted, go to MJ's Blog and vote for Waseem says Debonairs. Everyone loves Debonairs, so voting Debonairs is the right thing to do.

Till next in Waseem world.


Hamza Fareed said...

dude you forgot the tradition of eating off the bonnet of car by the lugs and chowing down two/three guys to a bunny

Zahera said...

looooolllll emotional blackmail huh Waseem! :-P
Thankyou very much for the enlightening post! Sounds yummy- can you only get it in Durban?!

Waseem said...

Zahera - The original bunny needs to experienced at Durban. But I suppose you could make it there also. All you need is to hollow out your bread, put curry in it. And you use the hollowed out bit for the top.

Zahera said...

loollll Waseem, i was asking more along the lines of, Is it available in Joburg :-P
Sounds quite yummy actually!

Anonymous said...

Lol. this was good. Loved your definitions. I don't even know some of that slang.


M Junaid said...

Hamza - I believe its called 'cracking a bunny on the bonnet'

I had a broad beans bunny on Monday for lunch - some place from Berea Centre - Al Minaret or something. Anyway - they deliver to DUT for free so I wasnt complaining - Man it was good! I'm feeling for Spur mate! Give me a day

Zesty - you can get a bunny chow in most big cities - dont ask for it in Bloemfontein though

The Organ Harvester said...

the best food in the world is always the food people make in not so great economic circumstances. the bunny chow is essentially poor man's food, but the experience will blow you away.

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

dude, this post is awesome....

made me laugh myself sick..

hanging for a bunny now..

man, i miss durban!

The Organ Harvester said...

show your support, vote for the ORGANHARVESTER

hedmekanik (at) gmail (dot) com said...

Me I smaak a Britannia quarter chicken, but the bones, what kind...
Also Patel's quarter mix veg with dhall, it's a finger licking experience.