Wednesday, 26 March 2008

I have inside me blood of King

Do you think it's ambitious to want to rule the world? My childhood was filled of movies of people, mostly villians, trying to take over the world.

Pinky: Gee Brain, what are we doing tonight?
Brain: Same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world!

So, considering that level of ambition, it is pretty amazing that I chose IT. I am often asked that question (and I ask myself sometimes too) 'Why did I do IT?'. I don't have any answer, except that it seemed like the right decision at the time. It wasn't. I hate IT.

This post changed from what I thought it was going to be. It was supposed to be about the King of the Plate(from my perspective) and my first bloggerversary (Can I make claim to this word?). So let's get back on track.

Not many expected me to survive King of the Plate, me included. I appreciated the concern and the wonder. Everyone knew I would kill at dessert, but the question was would I ever reach dessert.

The first course was the one I feared, I don't like bony meat and I don't like spicy food. MJ conceded to us having BBQ wings, while he bravely ordered spicy. MJ polished off his wings with ease, while Haamish had some issues with his tomato. You would think being the renowned veggie lover that he is (potato), that he would like them more. I have to admit struggling and having to go over a few wings again.

The main course was a real surprise in terms of food quality. Spur has always been one of my favorite food places, especially cos of their steak. It was a real letdown this time, and combined with onion rings made it another tough round. I hated those damn onion rings, and I will never eat another onion ring in my life, I swear it. Haamish had this hunger buster bun thing, which I didn't remember being an option, but I let it slide (He had some problems with vegetables again). He won the round after MJ took a break in between to do I can't remember what. Despite the fatty steak and horrible horrible onion rings , I managed to finish second in that round.

The dessert course took long to arrive, there was a bit of an intermission due to that. We all three ordered chocolate marshmallow pies. Sounds delicious, to be honest, it isn't really. I wish they let me choose, I would have chose malva pudding and they would have been a little happier. I don't know much about these claims of Dew eating some of the dessert, and I didn't compare the amounts eaten. In the end, I finished the dessert easily (even the cherry), and I probably could have had some malva. The look on Haamishs face was priceless, I hope it's in the video and Haamish doesn't edit it out. MJ took his time to finish, and by virtue dessert was the speed round, I was declared winner.

People may ask how has being King of the Plate changed your life. I think it is the respect of my peers, that's the biggest thing. Other people might say I didn't really win, well to those people I say ... I did. Maybe we all won something that night. Haamish won the experience of not being in East London. MJ won at Pro Evo. So there are no losers.

I was gonna do my Bloggerversary post here but I think this post long enough so...

Till next time in Waseem world


M Junaid said...

speed is always my undoing. Congrats oh great one. Pro evo victory wasn't the highlight of my night. It was one of those little saccharine drops that sweeten my life. If i had to choose a video game moment of joy it would be winning the royal rumble.

Ham will edit the dessert thing. We all took away different things from that night. Don't let anyone take anything away from you. You are king!

As for what i was doing in the second round- fighting my pride.

Hamza Fareed said...

All hail the king heh and to think I doubted you.
I.T Fuck I.T,I.T's ma... ok maybe not I.T itself more the industry that it became.
All the jobs I had the admins, techs all looking to get out. You know what pisses me off even more the articles on the skills shortages... let me stop before I make this a blog post.

Sounded like a greatnight GOD DAMN! keyboard thisis likethe fucking fourth one

Sofi said...

Well done boys!

So, Waseem, did you win KOTP?

Hoosein said...

i swear my undying allegiance to the king. he came, saw, he ate his own cherry. something about the word order is not right.
yeah we had fun. everyone was cool. even the fuck mj. with his once upon a time a mexico look. next time we pick the course before hand. i look forward to taking your crown. and dont worry i'll keep all the footage together. i'll make way for deleted scenes. next time it's naked oil wrestling. i hope more girls come too. i wouldnt want to draw you as my opponent.

Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

The sequel: June 2008.
Watch this space.

r said...

i continue to feel left out by all this KOTP talk. btw: pinky never got the answer right. He'd always reply with something dof like "draw faces on our butts and fart out messages in morse code?" and then brain would answer with "no pinky TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!" god i loved that show. NARRF!

The Organ Harvester said...

avril lavigne is looking hot.