Monday, 3 March 2008

King Of The Plate 2008 - Intros

Enter Hamish 'Organ Harvester' Hoosen Pillay to Shawn Michaels 'HBK' music.

So many parallels to be drawn
- Aging superstar
- Still convinced of his sexiness despite age catching up with him.
- Well supported in certain circles, but its hard to find those circles.
- Always the bookmakers favorite.
- Never say die attitude.
- Short TV stint.

He spits in the face of the the hostess, claiming she isn't being cool. We have to hold him back from fighting with a 5 year old who is taking too long on the PS2 that he wanted to play. PS2s aren't readily available in EL (East London), it's a commodity they have to fight for.

Enter MJ (Mohamed Junaid/Junzy) Khan to some Turkish crap

He walks in to alot of disapproving glares from the older aunties. 'Look at that hair! Astagfirullah!!!' Upon entrance he is mobbed by a cloud of pink, but not by fangirls, by fanboys, all wondering what new games he has on Xbox, and why he thinks PS3 sucks. 'Whats with 15yr old boys and pink shirts,' he wonders. He orders a large Coke. He is the fan favorite, despite his slow eating and recent lack of appetite. He reminds us of the tortoise and the hare story .

Enter Waseem 'Great One/ Brass Balls' Dawood to Muse - Invincible

Waseem realises the song isn't as impactful as he expected and a bit too lovey dovey for entrance music. It shows off his romantic side so he doesn't mind. He is the underdog, the late contender, and not many people expect him to compete, let alone win. He is banking hard on his sweet tooth and love of dessert to pull him through. Hamish and MJ have written him off as a competitor, and pity his chances. He has something to prove.

To be continued ...

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Till next time in Waseem world


The Organ Harvester said...

we are gonna get into so much KAK for hyping this up. we'll probably cave in after the bunny chow. you bringing your crew? or is it viagra night for waseem, stand up and be counted? or countered?
NICE post. i guess it's my turn again. i'll be creative.

M Junaid said...

i'm telling you mate. Fuck the bunny chow. Replace it with a three hundred gram cheddarmelt and something else. I can't finish a quarter bunny in one sitting. As for my recent turkish phase.. . Well, i've got one sentence for you. . Gulmeyenla bahchesinda pir galinda teshlatin. Deri mnedi yangshele tushleyam. Jun is trademarked. No one else can use it. I don't hamish is hbk. More ric flair i say. Wooooh!

The Organ Harvester said...

hahaha. fuck you guys. i was thinking, one large pizza standard steak and extra cheese. or the 4 cheeses pizza. that'll be tough going.

M Junaid said...

i cant do steak pizza - too much heat.

first time i noticed you referred to yourself as brass balls

The Organ Harvester said...

one large pizza in lieu of the bunny. no one will make it past the bunny.

M Junaid said...

someone explain to farm boy that spur do not sell pizzas except to kids.

main course - 300 gram cheddarmelt steak. mmmmm.

was going to have buffalo wings now - changed my mind - having hot wings from chicken licken