Monday, 10 March 2008

King of the Plate - Training

You may have seen the many videos, especially the spur one which suggests a possible Waseem upset. This is more exclusive training footage:


Waseem, laughing in the face of burger


MJ, polishing off a family meal, but checks the time to find his lunch has overlapped into breakfast.


Haamish, trying his best to keep up with the competition, but his old bones aren't what they used to be.

Till next time in Waseem world


M Junaid said...


I am a sexy bitch!

man - the creativity for this thing is off the charts - I wondr how that seventies guy will respond. post those pics on the group

The Organ Harvester said...

hahaha. ja. i can see it took alot of effort to top the videos and cartoon. and i was going to be nice in your video. old bones, that's funny. at least these bones can close the deal.

M Junaid said...

aweh. Squeeeench. Aaashooo. Ssss. Burnt you swak.

(i apologise- it seemed overwhelmingly appropriate)

Ok. Fine. I eat slowly.

Blow me

bb_aisha said...

MJ: my sisters learned this when we moved to ixopo. fats did it to me recently. aargh-drives me nuts. aweh. Squeeeench. Aaashooo. Ssss

waseem: u guys have too much time on ur hands. hmmm...with u laughing in the face of that burger, maybe i should switch my support from mj to you

(yes darling junny, bb knows no loyalty:-p)

M Junaid said...

aww! my only supporter has abandoned me - Judas!oh has hitman jones, safiya etc. waseem has nooj, now bb. and MJ stands alone!

now the burger looks good - thanks for editing me out of that picture - i should repost the pics on me blog - change the captions - thats how i roll!