Friday, 4 April 2008

Now time is ... running out

Why did I start blogging? That was the question I asked myself when I decided to write a post on my bloggerversary. The moment for the bloggerversary post has passed though. The actual date for my first post was 22nd March 2007. I can't really remember the real reason for me starting blogging, but I am so glad I did. The people I have met through my blog alone makes my blog worth its hit rate in gold.

Anyway I was having this conversation with Hamza, about how I wish I could go back in time and tell Past Waseem to stop getting to know a certain person. The problem with that is the repercussions (assuming it was possible). Like what if I never started blogging and never discovered my inner adrenaline junkie?

So the question is if you could go back in time,bearing in mind the possible repercussions, would you? I think I would. I would go back to before I went to tech, and tell myself to go to university and to do a cooler course, maybe marketing or something to do with writing or maybe even psychology.

Nooj said IT is a stepping stone. The problem is the next step would be a leap of faith I'm not brave enough to take yet.

Till next time in Waseem world.


M Junaid said...

because the world does indeed revolve around me, im going to assume that i am that person :D

i know it pains you that you went through 24 long years before meeting me, but we can make up for all that time.

I would only go back so that i could experience somethings over and over again. I wouldnt go back and change anything, because all those collective experiences that ive tasted have put me where i am right now - in front of my pc on a friday night commenting on my friends blog.


maybe i should rethink my comment :P

Naah. its all good.
congrats on one year of blogging.

Hamza Fareed said...

Grandfather Paradox!! ...ok lets assume parallel timelines, Ill go back and bitchslap my lazy ass for being lazy, pointers on good investments, and not to study I.T... but then this is parallel timeline so I'll still be me and parallel Hamza would live the good life
God damn you parallel Hamza and all your luck

Hamza Fareed said...

Just remembered this funny site about time travel

Noorjehaan said...

my words became like rainbows yay:D
i, like mj wouldn't go back. it comforts me to have a fatalistic view of taqdeer. but i have been where you are many times, and i know i will be in the future. what has been my saving grace is learning to believe no matter what,especially after midnight, i am always responsible or to blame or the damn cause. kelly clarkson and i had a minor spat over that "because of you" song:P oh also if you hadn't heard shane ward you wouldn't appreciate lifehouse as much...

Waseem said...

MJ - I like that reliving moments thing, but thats sorta like Click, or actually you can capture the moment on DVD and watch, thats same as reliving them. BTW I missed you yesterday, I couldn't finish my meal.

Hamza - Your ma ... is going with my ma to Sonu Nigam concert. Why don't you come my house? I rather sms and ask. Also, do you realise there also Parallel Hamzas in China that are worse off than you.

Nooj - I also believe that everything happens for a reason, hence the point about repercussions. I'm sure even studying something different could have changed who I am. Kelly Clarkson? Shame on you. Shane Ward? If it weren't for Zamilooni, I would worry a bit.

Ok lets change the idea. You can go back to any time, just to relive it, not in your own lifetime. Which time would you go back to? I'll give my answer later.

The Organ Harvester said...

i dont like the concept of time travel. because i would change alot. i would seriously do things a little different, just to see the outcome.

and congrats on the anniversary. hopefully you're taking it somewhere special to celebrate. remember, no glove, no love.

M Junaid said...

aww - i missed you too! I'm happy you and q missed me - i feel loved. btw - I dont eat prawns so I wouldnt have finished your food. Ironic - you are KOTP when i finish my food and yours almost every week!

We should definitely catch Horton soon - I'm in cartoon mood.

speaking of this whole parallel crap - did anyone watch that shitty movie called jaaneman - they say that each person has seven identical doubles of them in the world - crap movie, but your china comment reminded me of it - im picturing a china hamza - in my mind he looks like gen fu from dead or alive.

btw again - be glad you didnt study psychology - my ex studied it and i was dragged into all her lectures - not something you would have enjoyed my man. Violence replaces the need for psychology in a modern society :P (i'l just sit back and wait for nooj to fight with me)

ZK said...

hey hey
do you remember how we met?
i remember actually proof reading some of your first posts and now look at you :) all grown up hehehe

Suraya Asmal said...

At 3.10am i decided to venture here. Anyway, to answer your question, No to going back and changing things, we are shaped by our experiences and i'm a pretty decent person if i say so myself ;) acquiring knowledge is an ongoing process, remember, seek knowledge from cradle to grave. Never too late to take up a course - if thats what your aspiration is. So no regrets on blogging then? Heh heh heh. Anyway, i know i've been scarce, i'm enjoying my roller coaster, immensely :) you take care was,