Thursday, 5 June 2008

10 things that suck about blogs

1. Evil anonymous commentors
Although I don't seem to get them, my friends' blogs seem to have an abundance of them, especially MJ, R and Haamish. Guys who seem to think they can live your life better than you. I think they do it just to get a reaction but they can be hurtful at times.

2. Copy and Paste
There is nothing wrong with copying stuff as long as you quote your source, else it becomes something people like to call Plagiarism. We post in the 'bullshit' blog, stuff that we find, but we don't claim it to be our own. There is no point in having a blog if you're just gonna plagiarise other peoples ideas and/or work.

3. Guys who use blogs as way to flirt
A girl will write a weak 5 line post and you'll get few comments along the lines of 'omg thats so true' or 'lol you got talent'. I wonder if they really think the blogger is going to fall in love with them over their comments.

4. Overly fancy
Blogs that aren't worth the loading time to read. Some of the widgets are cool, but to have every widget known to blog is a bit excessive.

5. Pink
Pink blogs suck.

6. Word Verification
A waste of time, I usually have to type the code again cos the first time doesn't register.

7. Egocentric
Bloggers who think they are god's gift to blogging and know better than you.

8. Lol Commentors
People who comment for the sake of it, never offering anything constructive or creative. These guys are harmless though, at least they have no hidden agenda.

9. Identity theft
People who act like they are someone else. I'm not sure why they do this, maybe they think its funny. It doesn't happen too often though. Seems to mostly affect Haamish.

10. People who take themselves too seriously
People who think their problems are the worst the world has ever faced or everything is about them. E.g. my cat ran away, i think it hates me.

Till next time in Waseem world


Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

You've pretty much rounded up all the usual suspects.
Grammar assassins/vowel-less blogging should be there too.
As for word verification, I use it; never had a spam comment since install.

bb_aisha said...

i'm a mindless blogger-i don't even think of thgese things. is mindless blogging a crime too? :-p

umm...does my blog qualify as pink? nah!

Parasputin said...

bloggers who peddle controversy for its own sake

blogger-floggers, ad-heavy sites that have become cogs in the corporate machine

parapet poo-slingers, who would not say boo to a goose in person, but are obnoxious from behind the safety of their pc

The Organ Harvester said...

trumps champ. Nice post. Or should that be:
"LOL. You have talent."
*bats eyelashes*

Come on you like that shit.

But I have found a way to track down certain anon bloggers. Awesome. Then you give them one those Boo! phone calls.

If you cant read a blog from opera mini, you should be dragged out into the street and made to lick it clean.

I cant stand bloggers who post like 10 times a day and then post these long ass posts that shuts down the whole company's internet access. That's just crazy man. Who does that shit.

Noorjehaan said...

lol let's all do an OH

i can't take bloggers who put HP references in every post:P

M Junaid said...

:) the list is printed - name and shame baby. name and shame.

1 - there are some anons who do have the best intentions. its just that they come across so maliciously that even if they make valid points, it is lost. The messenger is equally important as the message

2. Fuck I hate plagiarism. I despise it. I remember in 2006 there was a blogger who plagiarised everything on his blog. and I commented telling him to reference. so He deleted my comment and disabled comments for all those posts. There are differences between stealing and homage - imitation is the highest form of flattery they say - but I cant stand it when someone elses work is passed off as your own.

3. Lets not forget girls who flirt as well. Not on my blog - hamish usually gets this

4. Yeah! Who gives a fuck if your blog is part of some 'top 500 million blog' group. You think that impresses us? I ve seen the widget. Its ridiculous.

I must be dyslexic because I can never get the word verification right on the first go.

Egocentric Bloggers make me laugh. I see the same paralels being drawn in Academia when Sociology Scholars try to explain Video Game theory. Fact is - we dont know everything. We are constantly learning.

Finally - Identity theft - happened to MJ as well last year when some arsehole made a clone blog called concerning MJ. (the reason why my new url is concerning mjk) LOSERS!

M Junaid said...

Oh yeah -

MJ hates bloggers who consistently write in third person and who keep using dumb words like concerned. Concerning this and concerning that. We dont give a concerned fuck about your concerns mister;)

Legend Lives On said...

I agree with most of the statements, however with regards to point 7.. Dont every blogger come across as that..

Think about it.. Just a thought...


The Organ Harvester said...

ja i get alot of flirtatious comments from former lecturers on my blog. you know if a gay guy hits on you, means you're flaming hot. ;)

M Junaid said...

arent we getting defensive ;)

Waseem said...

S-B-M - Didn't wanna pick on spelling etc. I'm being magnanimous (my big word for the day).

BB - No it's not a crime, neither are these, they are just annoyances. Your blog isnt pink, its purplish, you are flying close to the gaydar though, be careful ;)

Parasputin - Good additions, and thanks for the visit, unfortunately my poetry analysis sucks for me to make a meaningful comment, but your raymar driver stuff has potential.

OH - it means you're flaming something for sure.

Nooj - Yours is an example of a blog that doesn't suck

MJ - props to you for a few suggestions for this post. There, I said it.

LLO - I would like to disagree, my favorite bloggers do not seem to be plagued with the 'bow before my words' virus. People come across exactly how they put themselves across.