Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Zamilooni ... the sequel

My friend Delon asked me yesterday if my blog is solely used for the adaptation of lyrics. I said, it's not,they just seem to be the post ideas I have. This adaptation is not a parody or poking any fun, it is a sincere attempt at a sequel of sorts. Based on the lyrics 'We look for stories of love, in places dark and cold', I have adapted the lyrics to sorta pay homage to the love of Hazrat Fatima RA and Hazrat Ali RA. I'm not really sure it's all that good, but I tried to be historically accurate. I kept some of the original lyrics, cos it seems to fit in with my idea, and left the last bit (Qasidah Burdah) cos it compliments the original so well, it would feel incomplete without it.

Adapted from Zamilooni by Native Deen
He stepped towards the mosque, he knew he was sincere

The Prophet came with words from God, held with the highest revere
His friends persuaded him to go, that he had nothing to fear
Yet there was a trembling deep inside his heart, unsure of what will occur

There was only one woman for him
The Prophet knew for her, he was right
Light would be married to the light
Fatima would be his wife…

He said Zamilooni, Zamilooni, Dathirooni, Dathirooni, (Envelop me, Embrace me)
A mighty task has come before me…
I need you here with me…
By my side…

She was a woman of humility, Syedatun Nisa al Alamin (Leader of the women of the worlds)
Many prominent men had asked for her, they were all turned away
But she accepted Hazrat Ali, one of the First, because of the beauty she saw in his soul
He was a light for her – so right for her – her life will now be whole

But he seemed to be so distressed, about the mehr he had to pay
But to make Fatima his wife, he would give even his armor away


We look for stories of love, in places dark and cold
When we have a guiding light, for the whole world to behold
But we're so selfish in our ways, to the ones we hold so close
Our own pleasure and happiness is what we value most

But she gave him love and loyalty, and everything she had
And he honored her, they upheld each others faith,
when the times were bad, the times were bad...

Now years have passed, times have changed, since Fatima breathed her last.
And the Message of the one true God, was spreading far and vast
But when he cleansed her body and saw the mark, that Fatima had bore
His eyes began to swell with tears, his heart began to mourn

Cause she was there for him, when times were rough, and his friends were in doubt
She was a loving mother, a perfect believer, and a wife so devout


Mawlaya salli wa sallim da’iman abada
'Ala habibika khayril khalqi kullihimi...(X4)

Till next time in Waseem world.


Noorjehaan said...

awww i feel so lucky a parody of one of my fav songs on my bday:D

you are "ever parodying" but if you enjoy it then the likelihood is that is where your creativity is sparked. and if it wasn't we wouldn't read it:P i loved it although i would change more of the original but that's just because I'm a change freak. i can imagine your song would go:

But he seemed to be so distressed, about the mehr he had to pay
But to make *a certain special person* his wife, he would give even his X box away...

M Junaid said...

Was listening to this track since friday night. It always makes me feel romantic inside. Creates a sort of yearning you know. I made up my own lyrics. Will sing it on friday. Lets do this- when zain sings this- we scream out the chorus- i did this last time with his other track - can't take it with you when you go. Bring a lighter- we'l show the world our jaat