Wednesday, 16 July 2008

8yr old me vs 25yr old me

I think as we age, we lose our optimism and we don't enjoy stuff as much as we used to. Like I went for an airshow on Sunday, I thought even though this is lame if I were younger it would be awesome. So here are my disparate takes on the airshow. There are few embellishments in my 8 year old version.

My Day At the Airshow

On Sunday we went to the airshow. It was lots of fun. I saw many helicopters and planes. We had a picnic. I ate pies and milktart. I also drank Coke. My favorite part of the airshow was when the cars raced the plane. The cars won. It was also funny when the big plane got stuck and the people had to push it. We also saw some people coming from the sky even a very old man. My daddy said the old man probably going to go back up to the sky very soon so he shouldn't have bothered. I'm not sure what daddy meant. I wanted to fall from the sky too but my mummy says they don't allow boys who don't eat all their vegetables. I don't like tomatoes :(


To Airshow or not to airshow

I went for the airshow for the first time in years, and to be honest I wasn't that impressed. I wasn't really expecting much though. I came to realise an airshow is basically planes and helicopters flying from one end to another, sometimes they loop or attempt daring stuff (flying higher from side to side). They had a part where cars raced a plane, which the overenthusiastic announcer described as a once in a life thing, but it was such a big ass plane there was no way it had any hope of catching up with cars. Also was a bit where there were a few parachuters, that would have been exciting if you were actually participating. There was this old guy, about 80-something, they said it was his last jump, I wouldn't have been surprised if it was his last breath. Complaints aside, I had a really great time cos it is not what you do but who you do it with.


Still taking entries for the competition, will close maybe end of this week, winning entry to be revealed next week.

P.S. I don't mind tomatoes.

Till next time in Waseem world.


Hamza Fareed said...

Well then fuck you and your fake vegetables

Dew_drops said...

haha. I enjoyed the 8 year old version. had me laughing out loud.

Anonymous said...

Jus came across your blog and Wow your 8 year old version really took me back......You rock btw!

bb_aisha said...

very cute

r said...

I've learnt to enjoy tomatoes. Still can't stand peas though. Or lettuce. And butternut.