Thursday, 31 July 2008

Take me away

My attempt at 'flash fiction', it is alot shorter than MJ's prescribed 600 words, and title and end could use some real work. There are three of mandated pop culture references, scattered subtly in the story. I will point them out if it's needed. So for MJ and whoever else who wishes to participate the restrictions will be at least one pop culture reference, less than 600 words, must not have profanity or sexually suggestive themes and ... I can't think of the restriction to add right now, will add later.


His thoughts filtered back to her, just her, nothing else seemed important enough to be thought about. He dwelt on every word she had said to him, even those not meant for him seemed to have some hidden meaning for him. Re-contextualising the shards of memories brought a smile to his face.

'Hey Jimmy.' It was Pete. Pete the Feet. So named because of his unique ability to smell of feet at all times of the day.'You waiting for your girlfriend, Jimmy?' asked Pete, annoyingly dragging his words. 'Pete, I think you need to go over there and count something.' said Jimmy, offhandedly.

He stood there waiting for what seemed an eternity. The one lesson above all else she had taught him was patience, he seemed he was always waiting for her, even it was for just a glimpse. He looked back at the doorway, and almost as if he willed her to walk through, she suddenly appeared, walking towards him.

And then she was next to him, putting her hand in his. The simple contact sent a trill of excitement down his spine. He made a silent wish, to whoever it was that listened to wishes, that this moment could last forever. 'Ah, Jimmy! Miss Havisham!' And the moment was over. 'Jimmy being a good boy for you, Miss Havisham?'

'Of course Mrs Dean, James is my favorite. Bye James, remember to do your homework.'


Till next time in Waseem world


Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

Awww... that was a lovely bit of flash.

Zahera said...

hahahah aawww bless!