Monday, 1 September 2008

The Coveted

There they were, sitting neatly in a pile, beside the newsletters and various other members of the pamphlet family. I know, in a few minutes, that will change. Their fate was predestined, another inevitability in this world. I give them a longing look, hoping against hope that one of them will be mine.

I walk into the mosque and look around for possible competition to the object of my affection. The mosque isn't full today, perhaps people will sidle in later. I will have to take that eventuality into consideration. A few of the patrons pass backward glances, I know where their gaze falls. The call to prayer sounds; the coveted lay forgotten.

The prayer ends, and my mind goes back to the coveted. I look behind me to see the rows of competitors filing out. Surely there will be none left for me, but I have to try nonetheless. An overly friendly brother cuts me off to embrace me. 'Who be hugging for Maghrib Salaah,' my somewhat ebonic subconscious ponders. Surely a distraction. Embracing brother must have an accomplice outside who is collecting one for him.

Embracing brother leaves. I slowly make my way to the back of the mosque with just a smidgen of hope. Alas there seem to be but only the cheap ones, the ugly cousins. I dejectedly look for the least ugly cousin. And there under the sea of read and discarded pamphlets, I find it. The Perfect Ramadaan Timetable (The tear each day kind).


This is work of fiction but I do love finding those tear each day Ramadaan timetables.

Till next time in Waseem world.


Dew_drops said...

Ah, good piece. I thought you were talking about samoosas there.

I too love those tear timetables. They seem to be getting more rare each year.

KiLLa said...

Love the new template..

Khadija said...

:) Enjoyed this.

btw tear time tables are de riguer in jhb, just another way we stay ahead :p

desert demons said...

cativating, intriguing! definitely hooked by your story telling and dammit! i didn't get one of those calendars this year! :(

Waseem said...

Thanks girls and guy.

I also didn't manage to get one of those calendars DesertDemons.

Dew_Drops, I havent seen any either. Apparently Al Baraka bank has them.

Khadija, how uncharacteristically show offy of you ;P

Love it too killa, I was doubtful at first, but now Im sticking by it.