Monday, 18 August 2008

Top 10 Movies (Circa 2005-2008)

MJs movie list for the best 10 movies for the last 4 years (2005-2008) was crap, so I decided to blog my list to show him all the movies he missed out on. My judging criteria has entertainment value featuring highly, while good story and dialogue also very important. Im sure MJ and definitely Hamza wont agree with my list, but their ma :). I shortlisted 25 great movies, I struggled to decide a couple but my top 5 were set in stone.

10. Pick of Destiny

I didn't watch this movie till a couple months ago, but I have been singing the songs ever since, to the irritation of some friends even. The best musical I have seen since Little shop of Horrors.

9. 300

This was actually going to be Juno when I started this post last week, but I changed my decision when I thought about both these movies individually, and I was more out of 300. Juno's dialogue was awesome, only Kiss Kiss Bang Bang's dialogue was better from recent movies that I have seen but 300 visually and action-wise and overall entertainment-wise was much better.

8. Lil Miss Sunshine

Lil Miss Sunshine can be described as a dark comedy, yet it had amazing charm and cleverness. The premise of the story is very well put together and put across.

7. Madagascar

When I first watched this movie I thought it was OK, but when I watched it again I marvelled at the little bits I missed on first watch, and on third viewing I found more tidbits of humor (especially by the lemur-like things). This movie gets better on every watch and is now one of my favorite animated movies of all time.

6. Get Smart

This movie is the funniest spy movie I've seen since the Austin Powers movies. I feared maybe another Johnny English but Steve Carrell really pulled through and Anne Hathaway was gorgeous.

5. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Coolest, cleverest movie. I mentioned it before on my blog as one of the best movies you may have never seen. If you like quick-witted dark comedies with an element of suspense KKBB is the pinnacle of that genre.

4. The Dark Knight

Great story and a Joker who will probably go down as best villain in recent memory. Heath Ledger surpassed Jack Nicholson, that is as a great a compliment as I can give.

3. 40 year old Virgin

Best comedy of the last 5 years at the very least.

2. Stardust

Stardust is the perfect amalgamation of romance, fantasy, adventure and charm..

1. The Departed

To coin a phrase 'This movie was Don!'

Till next time in Waseem world.


zoydberg said...

sweeney todd(uber musical),cloverfield (human factor was intense), transformers, superbad ,broke back mountain, sin city, before the devil knows you’re dead, and a whole lot more that come to mind…

zoydberg said...

sweeney todd(uber musical),cloverfield (human factor was intense), transformers, superbad ,broke back mountain, sin city, before the devil knows you’re dead, and a whole lot more that come to mind…

Work in Progress said...

I need to watch more movies - where have I been the last three years? Oh yes, that's right? Under a rock somewhere trying to catch up to everyone else.

Noorjehaan said...

wip- CFA!!!!

i have become extremely selective about movie-watching simply because there are so many cooler ways of spending my time. so from the very few movies i've watched these are the ones i liked:
Thank you for Smoking, Blood Diamond, V for Vendetta, The Departed and Definitely, Maybe. I'm not sure what I liked about the last movie

Samina said...

The Constant Gardener- on evil drug companies
The Motorcycle Diaries- just beautiful
Nacho Libre- Jack Black (nuff said)
Lord of War- on Arms dealing/dealers

M Junaid said...

Tenacious d was so much better than nacho libre.
Definately maybe is in my top 20... Worst movies of the past four years

M Junaid said...

a little observation - you say that my list sucks, yet .. YET... your top 40 percent is similar to mine.

Does that mean that almost half your list sucks?

Waseem said...

Zoydberg - 3 of yours were in my shortlist the others i didnt watch. Brokeback I saw bits and its no gret movie, its just a gay lovestory.

WIP - well at least you have a shortlist now on some movies to start with.

Nooj - name better ways to spend time and dont say attending MSA camps :P Definitely maybe watched 10 mins, horrible.

Samina - Nacho Libre was ok, but I didnt see the others. Im more of a Steve Carell fan than Jack Black.

MJ - Your ma, and some of your list wasnt crap. Just the others gave an allusion to overall crapness.

Noorjehaan said...

you saw bits in brokeback mountain :P

bleh, barry ronge and i agreed for once so you and Mj can start a facebook group or something. lol that was one of the funny jokes at the show. black people toyi toyi but the white people's way of being activists for change is to start a FB group :D movies and take outs were a campus thing. like today we were going to paint a graffitti wall at uni but the artist had a family crisis. i prefer chilling at people's houses and cooking for ppl at home and then dvd's at a sleep over. but i'm old

KiLLa said...

I loved Madagascar (watched it 6 times in the cinema)..

Wat about Clerks 2.. I found it legendARY..