Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Concerning MJ

This blog is endorsed by MJ, and if it were Gateway, he would order horrible Thai food at it, and if it were a Smackdown game, he would get beat down in it. The reader is now considered to be as awesome as MJ and enrolled into the people who MJ digs club. Happy Birthday son.

That picture sucks, but I was stuck trying to find a good one, I'm not very photogenic.

Random MJ fact : NMJ hall is named after MJ, no-one knows what the N stands for.

Till next time in Waseem world.


M Junaid said...

I feel loved =)

thanks my man :)
what a horrible picture :D I look like im extending my mandible. I remember that night - I got the lowest in the strength Game, and got soaked in the rain outside Jmos :)

I want Thai Food! Im ordering tomorrow. Was supposed to go to Spur with a friend but they can always treat me another day.

Funny you mention the NMJ thing - Cant tell you why, but its funny because it came up a few weeks ago.

sorry if i sound a bit happy and Gay - its a lovely day :)mwah!

bb_aisha said...

Awww, how sweet waseem. MJ does look different in this pic-younger & something...

Love the new template

M Junaid said...

nmj is the kfc of the muslim community. First it was all 'natal memon jamaat hall' just like how it was kentucky fried chicken. But then- bham! Marketing campaign to take away the fact that its a marker of exclusion (slightly) so now its just nmj.
This is merely a conspiracy theory though.

Nooj said...

Laudium has a huge Memon community centre at its entrance. Well it says Memon on the bulding. But it's actually a school for mentally handicapped kids of all races and ghams. The reason Memon is there is because Memon dudes funded huge amounts to it in the beginning. It could be seen like Nike puttin their brand on sponsored soccer shirts. Altho nowadays Memons have procreated so much each family has a dynasty to show off so this does not happen any more. I blame me being memon on the fact that I do not have family intermarried to every different culture across the globe. I want Malaysian cousins. Happy now :P All of you guys photos are in malls. I'm sending my kids to the army

M Junaid said...

i love this post :). If i WAS GAY IT'L BE MJAW