Thursday, 11 September 2008

Current addictions

I have been tagged by Zahira and Khadija to do this current addictions post. To be honest I don't think I have any addictions, maybe a few things I do obsessively, which maybe could be classified as addictions. The other problem is, while couple maybe considered current, the others aren't but I will ignore this fact since Nooj chose sleep and Khadija chose procrastination, they definitely are not current.

1. Gmail Mobile - I check my mail on my phone almost every other hour when I'm away from my PC. It's not like I get lots of mail, just some obsessive thing that I do, it's become a habit. Maybe this can be classified as an addiction.

2. Plurk (Mobile and on the net) - For some reason I didn't feel like doing the twitter thing, it never appealed to me. For some reason I really like plurk, I have no reason, but it does seem better than twitter in my opinion.

3. Going through old messages - I tend to go through old emails, smses and messages as a way of reminiscing, it isnt so much an addiction but once I start, I can't seem to stop.

4. Sleep - Ok I'm borrowing this one from nooj, but my reason is different, I love sleep cos I can dream, and dreams allow me to do stuff I can't do in reality.(like fly)

5. Blogs - They seem to have gone off the boil a bit now, but there are some good new(read: recently found) blogs, and couple of my favorites are still going strong.

This is the part where I tag people, but instead of tagging people in hopes of them doing it, I'm just gonna use the tag as way of birthday greetings, cos I know these people are not likely to do this tag.

I tag !joe! (Happy Birthday!), R (Hers is towards end of the month), Delon (The guy who started me on blogging), MJ (The guy who has kept me blogging).

Till next time in Waseem world


Nooj said...

I check and read my mail from my phone compulsively while driving. It has replaced Mxit which I think says something about my cognitive maturation. Sleep is too current. If only I had a plush couch with comfy cusions right now...

Khadija said...

ok ok, procrastination is not an current it's constant :P