Monday, 8 September 2008

Ramadaan E-card (updated)

Saaleha's now incredibly popular post inspired me to create an e-card of my own. My Char Knight was still in a fledgling stage, so I didn't want to push it down, cos people tend not to read older posts for whatever reason that is. And since my fasting brain seems unable to string sufficient sentences together, I decided to post this up. Maybe I will be plagiarised too. A guy can dream.

I had some time to come up with couple more.

And for all you MJ fans, heres a couple he came up with and sent to me.

Till next time in Waseem world


Khadija said...

Show me the mone.... erm... er...moon!

hehe...good un waseem.

Nooj said...

a guy can dream lol
laughter takes away my tiredness and irritation
so in the interest of the month of generosity, do the noojverse a favour and keep it up :P

KiLLa said...


Good one u guys..

Hope i dont see em in my mailbox in coming days..

Anonymous said...

funny funny

desert demons said...


M Junaid said...

thanks for hosting my cards while I was away :) youre a don. I need to push some posts down. and Idont feel like cutting down the posts I display on the main page - im thinking of posting the cards on the blog. maybe i'l whip up two more now (although I'm still cursing Mamma for nabbing the best ones.
p.s - im back. . And I see youve tagged me. :)