Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Ya Ayyahul Name Changes

We (Masood, MJ and I) were going home yesterday via North Coast Road, which has now changed names to Chris Hani Road, and Masood thought aloud "Why didn't they just change the name to animal names. Surely noone would have issue with Leopard Street." A good point, but I think the whole reason for the name change was to immortalise the names of people who were involved in the apartheid struggle. I could be wrong, cos I don't recognize half the names, but that could be due to my own limited knowledge on the apartheid struggle.

I have few issues with the name change, besides the confusing aspect, and non-acknowledgement of the new names, my main issue is the unnecessary amounts of money used for sign boards etc. The community would be better served by building more homeless shelters, or finding more ways to increase employment opportunities. A beggar doesn't care if he is begging at Florence Nzama or Prince Alfred.

Anyway I proffered to the guys, maybe we should get our streets to be sponsored, like change the name of West Street to Coca Cola Street. That way Coke can pay for all the name change costs and its good advertising for them (not that they need it). Masood said maybe then we will get some really rich guys sponsoring their own streets, like personalised numberplates. Eg. MO786 Avenue, 4U2NV Grove etc.

Another funny thing regarding the street name change, one Friday lecture, the lecturer was highlighting all the current the plight of the Muslims, and how it was a punishment for us due to us disobeying Allah. One of our current problems that he highlighted was the street name changes. Ok I know the street name changes are annoying, but I seriously doubt they are a punishment from Allah for our sinful ways. Allahu Alam

Till next time in Waseem world.


bb_aisha said...

name changes are punishment from Allah? Maybe I'm wrong here, but I find that so funny -& utterly ridiculous!

I like the sponsorship idea simply so that the money can be better spent. I agree with the reasoning of eradicating painful reminders of the past and honouring struggle heroes & heroines, but I also think that we'll be more grateful for the freedom we have when reminded of apartheid by these names.

Govt should prioritise what's important. Employment, housing, eradivcation of poverty, spreading the wealth instead of concemtrating it within black millionaires & billionaires profiting from BEE abandoning the plight of their people should be what drives us forward not changing street & town names.

KiLLa said...

The worst one for me was when Johannesburg International Airport was changed to OR Tambo..

JIA was an apt and decent name for a major international airport.. Other than that i have no issues with the changes..

Fuck it.. Let them change Botha, Strijdom and Kruger.. Apartheid is oppression and oprressors should not be honored REGARDLESS of the history of the country..

M Junaid said...

What? No satire?
In soviet russia- street names you!!

M Junaid said...

How amazing was james francos acting? That is his name right? The guy tapping mary jane in spiderman

qk said...

if they allowed people in Durban to "buy" streets, most of them would probably be Muslim-named ;)

Khadija said...

name changes are a punishment?! that's such hogwash!

Name changes are costly but this is my official (read academically induced) line on the subject:
Fourteen years into democracy, South Africa continues to suffer from historically-induced social and linguistic inequalities. The Geographical Names Act is not only a law of this country but an essential part of transformation. It is a legislative process intended to redress historical imbalances and thus contribute towards eradicating a history fraught with oppression and forge, instead, a national identity to which all South Africans can ascribe.

Nooj said...

I like how in durbz they cross out the name. Very historically accurate. I know it's only to help ppl like me out tho