Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Best

I usually like to focus on the good on this blog, so I have decided to blog my favorites of this year. Only the best, none of the worst. Also cos I can't think of anything else to blog, and seems to be trend to do overview of 2008 in blogs.

Favorite Song: Kings of Leon - Closer
I first heard the Sex on Fire song on radio, and I thought it was good, but when I later saw Use Somebody on TV, I really wanted this album. So once I got it, I went about my usual way of listening to new stuff, which is to shove it in with everything else, and wait for it to come up on shuffle. When I heard Closer I instantly took to it, and hoped against hope that Telkom don't make an ad using it (Like they recently did with Travis' Closer)

Favorite Movie - The Dark Knight
I coulda been less cliche and said something else, the truth is this was the best movie I have seen this year. Heath deserves a posthumous Oscar, though I doubt Best Actor would come from a mainstream movie. My other 2 favorite movies of this year were Tropic Thunder and Pineapple Express. I hope James Franco gets an award for his performance in Pineapple Express as well.

Favorite Game - GTA IV
This was a tough one, but i think in terms of entertainment value, this was best game of the year, as well as cos it is the only 10/10 games I know. Sure there are faults but they are negligible.

Favorite Blog -
Saaleha has got her mojo back, maybe it is the marriage :) I also like my almost news blog, but that would be nepotism.

Favorite Post Of Mine - The Char Knight
It took me all of 15 mins to write and even though it might seem outdone, the whole indian humor thing, I really enjoyed it and find myself laughing at it even to this day. Another favorite post of mine was Chronicles of Arabiya.

Happy New Year Everyone.

Till next time in Waseem world.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Happy birthday Qdee

Happy birthday Qdee, one of the best friends I've met through blogging.

Till next time in Waseem World

Thursday, 11 December 2008


If you read my previous post (which I imagine most might not have, cos it was a while back), Harry Potter and the Esale-E-Sawaab, you would know I'm not a big fan of khathams. I have been for a few since that post and my opinion hasn't changed. I have become more cynical about the whole event in fact. Like what is the point of throwing rosewater during salaami? I don't see any purpose in it. Can someone perhaps help with a possible reason? I googled, I found nothing.

I think khathams would be alot more fun if they McDonaldise it. I got the idea from a recent MJ post where he mentioned McMarriage. I don't think a McMarriage would work though cos no bride would want a wedding in McDonalds, but khathams could work, cos they're mostly about food anyway. Your average McKhatham meal would be a choice between McKalia or McDhalghos, beverage would be either McJuice with leaves in it or McCheap Coke substitute, and rounded off (or started off) with my favorite McKheer or McSoji. The Happy Meals would be called Barakah Meals, and the free toy would be a tasbeeh, and also come with a small piece of chanamagaj/burfee.

Hmm, actually I don't see how the khatham would be more fun, except the eating part. Anyway...

Till next time in Waseem world

Monday, 1 December 2008

How to tell if your blogger friend is a stalker

While gift shopping yesterday, I found an awesome book entitled 'HOW TO TELL IF YOUR BOYFRIEND IS THE ANTICHRIST', and I would have bought it for the person I was gift shopping for except that the book cost about R140, which for a quirky 100 page book seemed pricey to me, nevertheless i enjoyed the little bits that I had managed to read. It had other tips also like 'How to tell if your boyfriend is an Extraterrestrial' and 'How to tell if your boyfriend is actually twins', and a number of others.

Here's an example of one:


  • Surprisingly little baggage.
  • Simple name (i.e., Bob Spoon, Jack Jackson).
  • You found him wandering the streets with a bandage on his head.
  • Honestly perplexed about the origin of his tattoo.
  • Doesn’t think he’s ever loved like this before.

Should you break up with him?

Are you kidding? He’s a clean slate. You can dress him how you like, you choose all the movies, and he has no annoying friends or family. Jackpot! The only potential downsides are: (1) he could regain his memory, and with it, some control of the relationship; and (2) his family and/or friends may find and reclaim him. But they might not recognize him with the new makeover you gave him. Keep him while you can.

So I decided to do one of my own, but specialise it for blogs, I can only think of one at the moment, but I will add them on to my blog as I think of others.

I call it 'How to tell if your blogger friend is a ...'. My first entry will be

How to tell if your blogger friend is a stalker

  • He/She is always the first to comment on your post.
  • Your post is always the best thing he/she has read in their entire life (even if its pasted song lyrics)
  • Comments always contain 'Lol Thats so true', or 'Lol where do you come up with these.'
  • He/She has accosted you or invited you on facebook with the opening line 'Hey, aren't you that guy/girl with that blog , lol I love it.'
  • He/She takes personal offence to your non-posting.
  • He/She has your URL engraved on his/her arm.
Should you de-link them?

Well their blog is probably a homage to you anyway, but you should de-link them and then remove every manner of communication (address, email, cell number etc.) out of your blog. But there are probably gonna come to a blogmeet someday and snip of a piece of your hair and use it to help them sleep at night. Best idea would be to delete your blog and move over to wordpress with the penname Jose Antonio Goncalves (Maria for the girls).

Till next time in Waseem world.