Thursday, 12 February 2009


...I'm a nerd.

I always thought I was in the middle, not popular, not too geeky. I used to think it is too much hard work becoming a nerd, because there is too much to study and learn. Also I was never much for Star Trek, X-Files and all those cult series'. I enjoyed the occasional episode but I was never obsessed over them.

That was until I read this - The Nerd Handbook. This article is full of indications of a nerd, and almost all of the points deeply resonated with my personality.

1. Understand your nerd’s relation to the computer.
I'm not much of a computer geek, I don't know much about the latest motherboard etc. I know the basics, due to the fact that I'm in IT. I do really love my Xbox though, and all my game consoles I have had before, which I think I could substitute for my PC. Not to the extent of I can't live without my Xbox though.

2. Your nerd has control issues.
I'm not big fan of change, and I'm possessive over the things I do have. Probably attributed to Middle Child Syndrome.

3. Your nerd has built himself a cave.
Well I wouldn't call it a cave as such, it's just the place in my house that you would likely to find me, playing Xbox. I dont know about the clutter having purpose, but it's definitely cluttered.

4. Your nerd loves toys and puzzles
I love puzzles, I used to like You for all those blockbusters they used to have, and I used to love putting puzzles together. I don't do it as much anymore, but I imagine I would have same enthusiasm, but perhaps less patience.

5. Nerds are f---ing funny
Check. Ok this might be bit of boasting I guess, but I think I have great sense of humor.

6. Your nerd has an amazing appetite for information.
I came up with the phrase "To the Google". I like learning new things, random stuff, interesting stuff. My mind is full of meaningless trivia.

7. Your nerd has built an annoyingly efficient relevancy engine in his head.
I guess you can also call it a bullshit filter. Some people babble alot, I don't mean friends, cos with friends babble is cool, but like at work or at meaningless family/social gatherings, it's really handy. Like just now this annoying lady at work told me something, I don't know what she said but I know it doesn't concern me.

8. Your nerd might come off as not liking people.
"Small talk. Those first awkward five minutes when two people are forced to interact. Small talk is the bane of the nerd’s existence because small talk is a combination of aspects of the world that your nerd hates. When your nerd is staring at a stranger, all he’s thinking is, “I have no system for understanding this messy person in front of me”. This is where the shy comes from. This is why nerds hate presenting to crowds." - From the article.
This is so true, and to add to this, I usually don't like most people. I have come to be alot better at social interaction but I still have alot of awkwardness at first.

Till next time in Waseem world.


Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

I think I'm the mulatto of nerds, neither here nor there, but somewhere.

Work in Progress said...

I am so not a nerd :)

Azra said...

You're not funny because you're a nerd, you're funny because you're an Aries. Its in our astrological DNA ;P

Nooj said...

you have an insatiable appetite for trivia about cooking gadgets in vernacular :)

bb_aisha said...

you were shy with me-does that mean you don't like me? :-P

bb_aisha said...

you were shy with me-does that mean you don't like me? :-P

KiLLa said...

O fuckness.. I will rather not say anything then..

I read something similar to this.. Another kinda nerd checklist.. A more scary one.. When i find the url ill paste it here somewhere..

I remember, "do u carry a flash drive wherever you go"

i wont start with the figurines and comic books and menga..

And to conclude WELCOME TO THE CLUB

Waseem said...

Saaleha - only nerds use word like mulatto. (To the google for definition hmm it wasnt what i expected.)

WIP - People with limited social lives, could be nerdish

Azra - Im funny cos Allah made me funny

Nooj - you still didnt find out what they call a thawa for me.

bb- no i was shy cos im actually a shy person :P and youre like a radio celeb man ;) i was star struck

killa - i think nowadays even non-nerds carry flash disks, it just very convenient, i used to have this fm modulator thing in the car, where you put the flash disk in, and it plays of the cars sound system, but someone borrowed and never gave it back.