Tuesday, 12 May 2009

No Beyonce Listeners Tolerated

At this juncture in my life I can't really see myself getting married, let alone having kids. I have my moments of thinking it really is for me, and wondering what my kids would be like. I've even picked out names like most people have, even though the kids matched to those names may be restricted just to my imagination.

So given the above, I found it very difficult to come up with 10 things to impart on my unborn/imaginary kids. But a promise is a promise.

  1. Don't get into debt. If you can't afford it, don't buy it except for few notable exceptions like house or a car, but even then don't spend beyond your means.
  2. Noone is better than you, and you are better than noone.
  3. It is important to have dreams, but don't let those dreams cripple you from achieving other things.
  4. It is not in the end of the world to fail, neither is it the end of the world to not achieve your dreams.
  5. Don't resent your parents for things that they aren't able to provide you with.
  6. A person who has never read a proper book is a person with very narrow horizons.
  7. A real friend doesn't just tell you things you want to hear.
  8. Islam isn't a religion, it isn't something we have to do, it's a way of life that makes us better humans.
  9. Life isn't fair but you should look at people worse off than you when deciding what is fair and what isn't (Something I should practise before preaching.)
  10. If you listen to Beyonce, you will not live in my house.
I tag Azzy cos she's always got bags of advice and WIP cos she says noone tags her.

Till next time in Waseem world


Khadija said...

Lol @ Beyonce. In a few years time there may well be a worse version of Beyonce. Let's hope good taste is hereditary.

Very good advice there. :)

Bibi-Aisha said...

i'm collecting all these gems. i agree with everything.

Nooj said...

isnt that what ipod earphones were invented for :P i would seriously feel like a failure if my kids listen to taylor swift tho

KimyaShafinaaz said...

hmm.. 2 and 3 stood out for me.. never really thought that dreams could be crippling, but then if they can be... we, in all our infancy, should know.

Azra said...


Go read mine...I'll tag you in the headlines too..

I feel the same though. I can't see myself married, not at this point in my life...so kids are just a figment of my imagination...all of them...Yahya, Asma, Rayhaan and Aziza!

Azra said...

PS. I'm with you on Beyonce...and Taylor Swift

M Junaid said...

I dont like the name aziza

Azra said...

I was trying out Aziza...but theres this other girl with that name and the way they say it, it sounds too much like Azra.

I like Rania too, but all the Rania's I know are very diva-like.

I like the Gaelic name Sian (pronounced Shaan), but its too jewish.

They say that you don't choose a name, the name chooses the baby. And since theres no marriage or babies, who cares :P

Waseem said...

Kay - Worse than Beyonce? Are you talking about Da Jahl?

Bibi - I think alot of everyones 'parently' advice could be applied in our own lives

Noojie - watch out for your kids cousins then. They might expose them.

KS - I think sometimes people undermine their own achievements based on things they wanted to achieve

Azzy - Also find aziza to be bit old fashioned, but if it has sentimental value, sure. Agree that babies pick their names. I wasnt gonna share my fictional baby names but since you have : Muaaz and Aphira.

MJ - See comment above

humairahumaira said...

I approve

mezba said...

Beyonce is pretty much overrated.

Just got back into the blog world and was catching up on my blog readings.

KiLLa said...

What if its videos of Beyonce...

Think about it !!!

Zahera said...

I like both Yahya and Asma :-P
Great points waseem! I for one think youd make a great father.

Work in Progress said...

Haha I'll do this tag - when I return to the blogosphere. Thanks :)