Friday, 29 May 2009

No catchy title, it's hometime

MJ tagged me to do my favorite 25 movies of all time, and considering this blog hasnt had anything going for it in the last couple weeks, why not? The problem is it's really difficult to pick just 25 movies, considering hundreds, maybe even thousands of movies throughout my life. So these are in no particular order, cos you can't really compare comedy to an epic movie. Recently I've found my favorite movies are comedies, I'm not sure why. I think you can tell alot about someone by their choice of movie. Like this one girl I worked with called Mr. Bones 2, the funniest movie she has ever seen. I wrote her off immediately.

So without further ado:

  1. Jurassic Park
  2. Fight Club
  3. Shawshank Redemption
  4. LOTR: Return of the King
  5. Aladdin
  6. Finding Neverland
  7. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  8. Memento
  9. Anchorman: Legend of Ron Burgundy
  10. Zoolander
  11. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
  12. Spiderman
  13. Monsters Inc.
  14. The Matrix
  15. The Departed
  16. Training Day
  17. LOTR: The Two Towers
  18. Little Miss Sunshine
  19. American History X
  20. Saving Private Ryan
  21. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
  22. Gladiator
  23. Brave Heart
  24. Boondock Saints
  25. Home Alone

I'm probably missing out some, I'll come back and comment if I remember more, and replace some.

I would tag Nooj and WIP but they might find this impossible considering how few movies they watch ;P So I'll just tag Trinity and Nafisa if they want it.

Till next time in Waseem world.


Trinity said... but Jurassic Park?

Work in Progress said...

Hey, I do watch movies. I've just been preoccupied for the last six or so months.

Nooj said...

everyone liked fight club but i found it disturbing. wip i need to tag u for my book thing! was u've been tagged...oh i'm home :)

Waseem said...

Trinity - If you ask me what's my favorite movie of all time, 9/10 times I would say Jurassic Park. Btw I didn't judge you for how to lose a guy in 10 days :P

WIP - My tongue was firmly ensconced in cheek

Nooj - Dont you miss durbs already ;) Fight club is so iconic, it is so intelligently made and crafted. I just remembered sixth sense also, but that movies been tempered by Shayamalans other crap movies.

Editors Note - I took off Donnie Brasco for Training Day and Godfather 2 for Boondock Saints. Crap, I forgot Gangs of New York, Catch me if you can, but I dunno what to replace.

M Junaid said...


Nafisa said...

I'm not a huge movie buff like you and MJ, I like comic book heroes brought to the screen (Marvel & DC), good action (like Die Hard etc - I have the quadrilogy), some chick flicks - the last one I saw was What Happens in Vegas, some vampire (like the Blade Trilogy - not the Twilight crap).

I cant wait for Transformers 2. Oh and I'm gonna see if bookings have opened for Terminator Salvation right after I post this comment :)

Nafisa said...

Booked em for Friday @ 19:45 :)

That Mash Guy said...

good list...

Tazeen said...

there is a film called Boondock saints! I never knew. One truly learns something new everyday

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M Junaid said...

what the fuck is this

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Nooj said...

I think its time for *shudder* word verification...

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Waseem said...

Nooj you made the chinese people angry! Alas i think you are right though.

Does everyone follow these comments? *waves*

M Junaid said...

sadly yes