Tuesday, 26 January 2010

What if Romeo and Juliet were Mxiters

I was going to include the bits of the play I transcribe also, to give it context as well as the fact I don't remember the lines from the play except something about light yonder window breaks but that would take too long, if anyone wants to read the play you can click here.

Side Note: I forgot how tiresome Shakespeare can be, besides Hamlet, Hamlet rocked.

Romeo: Sup mwah

Juliet: nm lol mwah

Romeo: Sup mwah, I got ur pic, u look hot lol

Juliet: Yay me lol

Romeo: Lol say something else

Juliet: Romeo, Romeo, r u there?

Romeo: Sorry, dc lol

Juliet: lol ok, I like ur pic too mwah, and u sweet but ur name is doff lol (She actually says Romeo, doff thy name)

Romeo: lol ok my bras call me Ro, u can call me that, but call me on my cell, cos I dont have airtime lol

Juliet: lol ok, btw where did u get my number?

Romeo: lol, one two contacts ;)

Juliet: No for real how u got my number, r u Romeo from Asoka?

Romeo: Maybe ;) Why what's ur waar now? I thought u smaaked me.

Juliet: If my brus found out about they will work you lol

Romeo: El, im not skrik for noone, i vy gym and got one two bras who drive taxis

Juliet: lol dont worry i wont tell them.

Romeo: Shoo, but waar I wasnt skrik, mwah

Juliet: So for waar you smaak me? Say oath!

Romeo: Sathima I smaak you

Juliet: no dont say sathima, I dont believe in all that. Say oath!

Romeo: Ok oath! can we cyber now? lol

Juliet: lol no! I have to vy now ;)(She actually says something about breasts but I'm trying to keep this relatively clean)

Romeo: el, u just vying like that (Romeo actually says O, wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?)

Juliet: Lol, what u want? I only cyber guys if i marry them. Will u marry me?

Romeo dcs


Ok there's more to it but it was getting a bit much, I hope it is a bit funny, I haven't done a parody in a while, I'm a bit rusty.

Till next time in Waseem world.


M Junaid said...

i hate the mwah generation

Khadija said...

This is really good.

Waseem and Mj- The kings of parody.

Azra said...

Read this with my sisters...and we were "lol-ing" for real :D great stuff great one :)

ExMi said...

am with MJ - the mwah generation blows. part of the reason why I have avoided Mxit like the plague.

but really, really digged this. made me snort really hard.

Trinity said...

effen funny!

Zahera said...

loooll funneh but erm.. waseem.. i didnt really understand half of it *blushes*

オテモヤン said...


Waseem said...

Kay, Azra, Trinity, Exmi - Thanks for the compliments guys, I thought it wasn't as funny as my other stuff.

MJ,ExMi - I consider them as the Mxit generation because I think it is Mxit that is to blame for these idiots.

Zahera - Inshallah you never have to. Hope you are well, good to hear from you :)

Chinese guy - I thought I got rid of you guys

M Junaid said...