Friday, 26 March 2010


Everybody and their cousin are now on Twitter. (Please don’t comment and say, I’m not on Twitter and neither is my cousin. That is just an expression.) It seems Twitter has survived the test of time and overcome being a fad and firmly ensconced itself in people’s lives as a habit. However most people seem to have the same problem that some people with blogs have, and that is distinguishing what is tweetworthy (blogworthy, in the case of blogs) and what is not. Obviously your Twitter profile (as well as your blog) is your own, and you have the right to do what you want, but there is such a thing as common sense.

Here are a few things I think that aren’t tweetworthy.

TMI Tweets
Stuff like ‘OMG I just farted and it smelt like KFC 4 minutes ago’, we really don’t need to know that. We don’t need to know about any of your bodily functions, thanks.

Hypocritical Tweets
I’m totally in love with that Owl City song. 5 days ago
Whoever loves that owl city song is a loser. 2 minutes ago

Firstly, you have to realize people are going to remember stuff that you tweet as well as the fact it is saved on your profile, and contradicting the stuff you said just makes you a hypocritical asshole. Also, that Owl City song is gay.

Sensationalist Tweets
I just totally knocked some chick now. 3 minutes ago
The only thing tweets like these prove is that you are an attention seeker and nothing you say/tweet can be trusted.

Reply to All Tweets
Can I come too? RT @someone I’m going to the movies now! 1 minute ago
This is the equivalent of replying to all when people send forward mails. People hate that. Rather just @ or DM the person concerned.

Location Tweets
I am outside my house at 3 Madeup Place Road Madeup City 3 minutes ago
This is just common sense; don’t give away where you are in tweets for your own safety. There are a lot of crazy people on the internet. I don’t really see a point to doing this either.

Formspring Tweets
I don’t mind a formspring question and answer here and there but every single question and answer is spamming, especially if you are answering 20 questions a time.

This is just a lesson in common sense and some advice. Use it, don’t use it, it is up to you. The tweets in the post are made up but are not a far cry from actual tweets I have seen.

Till next time in Waseem world.


Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

Guilty. You did not have to know that my burps taste like cardamom.

Work in Progress said...

I am on twitter but I almost never tweet mainly because I have nothing tweetworthy to tweet :P

Too many people on twitter feel everyone needs a play-by-play of what they're having for lunch. I suppose it has its uses but I'm not a big fan.

Um, what is the Owl City song? :P

Azra said...

Honestly, it's been 8 months now, and I still prefer Facebook. I just haven't caught onto Twitter. Maybe it's because I don't give a fuck about half of the things going on there.
There is a plus side in that you can get up to minute news long before the damn news channel... and every now and then someone will post a link to a really cool site.

But in the general sense all the hashtags and RT's and @'s become too much for me and I long for those old statuses... y'know the stuff "Azra is at work" is made of. I even prefer the stupid or funny statues on Facebook.

On another note. Who or what determines what is blog-worthy and what is not? Seriously?
I mean, blogs were established as online diaries... so I don't understand why or since when did it become mandatory to publish so-called "literary masterpieces". Its like telling someone what they can or can't write in their diary which is absurd.

Azra said...

PS. I forgot to tell you, managing two blogs has put me off Twitter and Facebook. I'm all talked out on most days :P