Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Stuff Charous Like

You must have heard of Stuff White People Like. It is an immensely popular blog about stuff white people like and the guy even published a book full of them that was on the New York best-seller list, whatever that means. I thought I would do some about the stuff charous like. Charous if you do not know is a slang/colloquial term used for Indian people in South Africa. It is not an offensive term, as far as I am concerned, but maybe some touchy Indians would find it so. I used the term 'charous' specifically due to the fact I think that the stuff is mostly common with South African Indians, specifically Durban Indians.

StuffCharousLike #1 - Gold Slits/Teeth
I am convinced gold slits and gold teeth were invented for charous. The only other race group I've seen with gold slits/teeth are coloured guys and they usually grew up in an area with a large charou influence. I think some charous might even loosen their own teeth so they are able to adorn their cavities with gold.

StuffCharousLike #2 - Buying cheap cars they can do up
Every charou’s favorite car is the Citi Golf because it is usually cheap and then they can spend obscene amounts of money; sometimes triple the value of the car, just doing it up. Putting decals, funny light things all over the place, chrome gear knobs etc. This is not only reserved to Citi Golf and is also common with Conquests, Ballades and, every charou’s dream, the Subaru.

StuffCharousLike #3 - Putting sound in their car
This would also fall under doing up their cars but this is such an event, it deserves an entry of its own. Every charou wants his car to be fast and to impress ‘stekkies’ with a few revs at the traffic light but the one thing every charou must have more than speed is the sound. In fact, as far as the charou is concerned, the car boot is the place you put your sub in. And the reason they call it sound is because all it is just sounds, not music. Charous could care less about music, all they care about is how much bass and treble a song got so they can show it off on their sound system.

StuffCharousLike #4 - Working in call centers
I actually work in a company whose core business is a call centre. So I see a lot of sales agents and people who come in to train to become sales agents. 99% of them are charous.

StuffCharousLike #5 – Personalized Number plates
To the charou the greatest invention since sliced bread was the personalized number plate. If a charou can afford it he will have a personalized number plate, no matter the fact the car is about 30 years old and the personalized number plate costs about 20% of the value of the car itself. If a charou cannot afford a personalized number plate, he will get a fake plastic one and put it in the back windscreen, next to his gold tissue box.

StuffCharousLike #6 – Medical Aid
The reason charous like medical aid is not because it makes health care affordable, it is because it allows them to get sunglasses and cosmetic contact lenses. Charous love cosmetic contact lenses, regardless of the fact the lens color does not suit them. I am also convinced that pharmacies keep grocery items due to the fact charous use medical aid to shop there.

StuffCharousLike #7 – Boasting about ridiculous bargain they attained
I am not questioning charous’ honesty (though it is questionable at times), but they do have a knack for stretching the truth. Charous tend to boast about ridiculous bargains,e.g. An LED TV for R2000, they happened upon but never reveal their sources or make it seem like it was a once in a lifetime kinda thing.

I have a few more but this post is getting a bit too long so maybe I will do a second part.

Till next time in Waseem world.


Hasina said...

haha, guilty (number plate)

Work in Progress said...

I can safely say that I like none of the above... :)

Saddique said...

Hi Waseem

I came across your blog through Google. My name is also Waseem! Lol.

Take a look at my blog:

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neverBlink said...

I'm guilty of number 7

I love boasting about deals i find :)

but i usually give my sources