Thursday, 11 November 2010


I don’t do follow Fridays. I don’t see a need for them. I usually retweet people who I think are cool or funny or insightful. So this post isn’t a long ass follow Friday yet it kinda is. Thohira aka @taineechan told me about this Cosmopolitan kings photoshoot, which is basically South Africa’s top male tweeters, which included Gareth Cliff, Khaya Dhlanga and that Aki Anastasou guy. I don’t follow any of them. I see some retweets of theirs occasionally but I don’t follow them because I don’t find their tweets interesting. So I told Thohira that I follow cooler SA tweeters that should be there rather, so I will make my own list. I don’t want to call it Cosmopolitan Kings or COSKings cos that sounds kinda gay.

Here is a list of 3 of my most favorite SA male tweeters and SA female tweeters.
1. @parasputin – Ok he doesn’t live in SA now, but he did before so I think it still counts. I find his tweets funny usually. And my favorite moment on twitter was when he and I and a group of others #dragonaged the crap out of our twitter feeds.
2. @mirfaan – he always posts quality links dubbed #irfaansizzle and he also throws in a great pun now and again
3. @concerningmj – I’m not sure if anyone can say what the point of twitter is.
It might change from person to person, but I think he and I see twitter in the same way. Although I think he does dilute the humor occasionally due to posting his tweets on facebook all the time. I suppose broader audience and all that.

Here are my top 3 female, this was a bit harder to choose cos there really are a lot more good female tweeters than there are male, that I have found anyway.
1. @noorjehaan – I think she tweets in the same way that she chats, and I find her tweets funny and relatable. She has a way of eloquently wording my thoughts lately with her gay poetry.
2. @testcardf – she is very punny and also at times I think way over my head but I find her tweets entertaining.
3. @corpsekicker – It was hard to choose just 3(I know it’s stupid that I’m complaining considering I set my own rules) cos there a lot of female tweeters that I enjoy including @fathazz, @saaleha, @nafisa1 and @khadijapatel but I think @corpsekicker is the person I retweet the most, and she throws in the odd programming joke which I’m sure goes over most of her followers’ heads.

So that’s my list, direct your complaints to my comment page and leave a few of your recommendations as well.

Till next time in Waseem World.


neverBlink said...

the man who has really, single handedly owned! twitSA is Julius Malema

ugh it's so annoying

i follow all the ppl on ur list and I agree, they are quite awesome :D

neverBlink said...

i woulda said u awesome too but now i'm not gonna coz i didn't make ur list

so ha!

Nafisa said...

-phew- just made the cut!

corpsekicker said...

I also quite agree that they're quite awesome.

And I think you're the person I retweet more than anyone too.


M Junaid said...

I dont rate Khaya Dhlanga. The worst celeb on twitter is mclovin (or rather - his lamer actor who plays him - Mint-plasse)

All he does is promote is dumb band. social marketing fail!