Monday, 24 January 2011

At The Movies With Waseem

Last year was a crap year for movies, bar a few notable exceptions, so I found myself going to movies even less than usual, which used to be almost every week. I think I've also become very choosy with movies so I don't stand crap, hence me stopping watching Bollywood movies. I think my choosiness has spread to MJ also because he also doesn't watch any crap anymore, which Kareema should thank me dearly for, because else her life would have been wasted watching The Rock movies.

I'm going to do my own annual movie awards following MJ's model but adding in a few categories as well as removing a few.

Best animated movie
Despicable Me

Worst Animated Movie
Shrek forever after

Best Comic Book Movie
Scott Pilgrim

Best Bollywood Song
Don't watch the movies so this category is turned to best song, cos I still listen to the music if they are good.
Tere Mast Mast Do Nain - Dabangg

Best Adaptation
Scott Pilgrim

Best movie most people will overlook
dinner for Schmucks cos it wasn't released in SA

Crappiest Sequel
Shrek forever After

Best Movie experience
Scott Pilgrim (I less than 3 this movie!)

Biggest movie thats not in my list except here just to point out that it didnt win anything
Social Network

Best Sequel
Toy Story 3

Most surprisingly awesome
The A-Team

Worst movie MJ picked

Best Comedy
Cop Out

Biggest disappointment
Get Him to the Greek

Worst Adaptation
Prince of Persia

Worst Movie
From Paris with Love (Fuck this movie! Hate it so much!!!)

Movie of the Year

The John Travolta award for crap acting
From Paris with Love (Go to Hell John Travolta!!!)

Till next time in Waseem world


mezzaterra said...

I haven't watched any of these. I really still want to watch Inception & Social Network though.

Why is 'From Paris with Love' so bad?

& does MJ really not watch crap any longer? Hard to believe

Antonio said...

I bet that despite "from Paris with love" being as bad as you say, you probably still sat through the whole movie?

Antonio said...

I bet that despite "from Paris with love" being as bad as you say, you probably still sat through the whole movie?

M Junaid said...

this made me laugh.

we missed megamind. kareema doesnt watch cartoons. fuck.

John Travolta is miles better than nicholas Cage.


guess what i pre ordered

oh crap. kalahari and amazon dont have pre orders for the new rock movie - faster.

Waseem said...

mezzaterra - It was just so irritating. It was billed as an action but there was hardly any action. It was just so predicitable and irritating with terrible acting. MJ does watch crap but he isn't adamant about watching in the cinema, and he has better taste now. Though in hindsight he did hire Death Race 2 when we went up to see him the other week.

Antonio - I was watching it at home so I had nothing better to do at the time.

MJ - Can you name me a good John Travolta movie? I can name you a good Nic Cage movie.