Thursday, 5 May 2011

Women Presidents

I think that maybe it is time there were more women in power, because they can’t possibly do a worse job than the men are currently doing. Actually I believe there isn’t much one person can do in today’s political structures but this not the road I want to take this post down; neither do I have the political nous to back that statement up. Here are a few women, who I think might make great presidents, and some possible pitfalls in their campaigns.

Khadija Patel
Why she would make a great president: Khadija Patel is like a real life celebrity, and I went to her house! One day, they are going to show her house on Cribs. Khadija is so famous that this is likely conversation. Person A: Khadija Patel just tweeted something about Jacob Zuma. Person B: Who’s Jacob Zuma? Besides her fame, Khadija is also one of the smartest and caring people that I know, although I’m not sure those are criteria presidents usually satisfy. They should, in my opinion.

Why she shouldn’t be president: Khadija spreads herself too thin as she is always doing millions of things at once. Allah only knows how she gets everything done. She would probably be sworn in as Minister of every portfolio because there is no one better qualified and burn herself out.

Why she would be a great president: I don’t know anyone who can champion a cause as passionately and ardently as Noorjehaan does. She is someone who I think people would find easy to believe in and support.

Why she shouldn’t be president: If Noorjehaan were president, she would take the budget and give 95% of it to Education and 5% to charity. She would also reshape the entire education so that is unrecognisable, which although im my opinion not a bad thing would be quite a culture shock to the country.

Why she would be a great president: Azra seems to me to be a very opinionated, strong-willed and determined person. If she were president she would make every month a new challenge for each Ministerial department to clean up their act.

Why she shouldn’t be president: I think if Azra became president, the tenure would be most remembered for “cruel and unusual punishments”

Why she would be a great president: *rah is the smartest person I know, she knows just about everything there is to know about everything. If I went on “Who wants to be a millionaire?” she would be my “phone a friend” for all categories besides perhaps sport.

Why she shouldn’t be president: If *rah became president she will lead a genocide against all the stupid people and based on the sample size of people I know, that is about 80% of the population. She would then lead the survivors against the rest of the world’s stupid until stupidity was extinct.

Bibi Aisha
Why she would make a great president: Bibi has had a lot of exposure to all the different kinds of government and would bring that awareness to her tenure. I also think she has the most political smarts of the people I know to actually be able to pull off a presidency.

Why she shouldn’t be president: Bibi would be very Thabo Mbeki-ish in that she will be going all over the place on diplomatic missions, and would hardly be in the country, though I bet she would be more sensible about AIDS.

Till next time in Waseem world.


corpsekicker said...

I vote *rah.

Nooj said...

Waseem you're crazy. Fun take on this boring elections thing tho :)I def would spend all the budget on education and make the students build roads etc :P

Azra said...

Hahaha, you know I love discipline. But I'm too eccentric to be an outright dictator. I'd be the Sue Sylvester of the country. I'd ban pillows for tardy people and make traffic offenders ride donkeys to work... that kinda thing :)

Antonio said...

Why Azra should be President:

Nutella will become a subsidized as a staple diet.

Antonio said...

Why Azra SHOULDNT be president.

Nutella will become part of the staple diet.

bb_aisha said...

Nice one Waseem

Hmm..I think I'd now like to be President ;-)

Azra, you'll be the most fun President ever

Azra said...

LOL@ Antonio, if I was President, Nutella would officially replace 'brown' on the colour palette. It would also be subsidised by the government & receive the same status as (and subsequently replace) Alcohol... with various advertisements on tv, on the hour every hour, as well as every 2 minutes at the movies. There'll also be a Nutella Happy Hour between 5pm and 6pm every day at just about every food joint in SA and it will become mandatory to serve it at weddings. But I like balance too, so sporadic 3-day bootcamps will be mandatory for every family, kinda like jury duty.

Azra said...

Bibi-Aisha babes, we can have one of them coalition governments. You'll be the poised diplomatic president and I'll be the regal crazy one ;)

Humayda said...

Azra for president. Coz (geddit geddit), like, Nutella. Nuff said.
Nice post Waseem.